Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Dogs Plea

Hello there. My name is Shadow. I need your help. Have you seen two of my human companions? The tallest human in the house is gone. He left on an ordinary day and has returned to our dwelling a few times now. He returns for a few days and then leaves again for long periods of time. I am not sure where he goes. This might not sound alarming, but now the tallest female human has now gone missing! Even with my best attempts to keep track of her.

I have looked left.

I have looked right.

She is not on the premises. I am beginning to get concerned.

The bossy one is horning in now of course.

Hello there. Sophie here. I don't have much time. If any of you have information on the whereabouts of two of our human companions please forward the coordinates to me at this site. It is imperative that I organize a rescue mission for my humans. No one here seems alarmed that two of the residents are missing, but I am not sure how smart they are. That is why I have taken it upon myself to coordinate an underground network of animals to facilitate communication for the upcoming rescue mission.

I remain loyal to our mission until we meet again.

Please send all communication through this website, it is a secure platform.

What is that?

Missing humans? That can happen?! I will keep a sharp eye on my humans so that they do not disappear! Never fear! I will let you know if I see any sign of your missing humans. Over and out.

Friday, September 30, 2011


We are the guardians of our children when they live in our home. We offer love, comfort, support, encouragement, shelter. Our daughter is away at school now. The last wee bird to leave the nest. The nest has been altered now. As have I.

I am missing my daughter but I am blessed to be connected with her on a regular basis via cell phone, texting, Facebook, email. I am no longer her guardian or her brother's guardian. It is not a bad thing, my role has changed. It is not over, it is just different.

It is a process, adjusting to not living together on a regular basis. I have had some practice, adjusting to life after our son left, but I had our daughter here to ease the transition. It was an effective buffer. With Krista gone I am adjusting to cooking less for dinner, feeding the dogs solo, watching silly television by myself (it is somehow way less fun alone). No more mother daughter fun time, lunches, pedicures or shopping for awhile. Those are the physical differences. The things I can point to. The more challenging differences are harder to quantify. Our home feels like a mouth missing a tooth. I am constantly aware of the emptiness, and my heart notices as surely as a tongue constantly drawn to the gaping hole left by the absent tooth. Our home is forever altered, as am I.

I am still a Mother, but no longer Momma, or Mommy. I find myself watching mothers with young children and wanting to remind them, "This time passes so fast, these days are precious and numbered, enjoy them. Do not take them for granted". Why do they feel so infinite at the time and so fleeting now? The empty house reverberates with the questions. Was I Mom enough? Did I hug enough, love enough, smile enough, encourage enough, empower enough, listen enough? Surely I tried, but some days life got in the way. May my children know that nothing is more important to me and to their Dad, to us, than the two of them. Ever. That remains the same.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The constants are there, I love my children. Their father and I love them. They are the center of our nuclear family. It changes, they grow up and move forward into their lives and our circle of a nuclear family shifts to include more. We stand behind our children, instead of surrounding them. There is room for them to move ahead on their path and purpose, connected to the ones they love. We support, we nurture, we love, we comfort them. These things do not change. We are blessed.

This is a major life change. Without our children here we are redefining ourselves, our roles, our relationships. We are forever altered, as are they. The important things do not change. We love them, they love us. They are amazing human beings. Their futures are bright. Now is their time to spread their wings, to fly free, to follow their bliss. We are here for them. Always in all ways. Period. The more things change the more they stay the same. Love.

Krista, Ryan and Dakota at Krista's graduation.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

And They Called it Puppy Love....

This has been a busy end of the summer season. It seems fitting to be at the beginning of Fall and getting back to my blog.

Much has been going on. We visited our son at University for his 21st birthday. He has a new puppy. Here she is at 7 weeks.

This one is a few weeks later.

This one came in today.

Need I say more?

"...and they called it puppy love." I am smitten! We are all head over heels! She is an adorable bundle of feisty love.

Take a moment to contemplate who or what cracks your heart wide open.

Sending love to your hearts and blessings to fill your days.

With love and gratitude for all our relations.



Monday, August 8, 2011

What Can I Do?

Little 'ole me, what can I do?

As the heat continues to build, and everywhere we look people and institutions are feeling the effects, it is more and more challenging for everyone. Much is uncertain right now, and at the very least you are likely aware of that on a personal level. In fact it feels as though the very Earth beneath our feet is shifting and changing and it is.

Things may or may not be 'up' for you, but certainly we are all aware that there are many, many, many who are feeling adverse effects. So, what can I do? I can't correct the markets, uncrash helicopters, take away the civil unrest occurring in various parts of the world, feed all the starving, stop the Earth from shaking, the Winds from blowing, the rivers from overflowing or the fires from burning. What can I do? I could wallow in despair, feeling powerless to the greater shifts and tragedies occurring in the world, or even the smaller crises occurring around me. How is that helping anyone? It is not. Has wallowing ever made anything better?

So what can you do? It's actually pretty simple. Here are the steps:

First and most importantly! Stop taking yourself so seriously! Really! This is important! Have some fun! Laugh, relax, enjoy yourself! Get together with friends and giggle, belly laugh, watch a movie that cracks you up. Do whatever it takes to play! Run in the sprinklers. Dance under the stars. Spin on the grass, arms flung wide. Study the clouds, looking for shapes. Fly a kite. Make funny faces with a friend, take pictures! Have a game night. Have some fun! You know how to do this! It's free, it's not taxable and it is easy!

Some faces are funny...

..........others are hi-larious!

Secondly go back and read the previous paragraph again. Don't just read this and smile. Get proactive! How are you going to have fun? When? I am serious! This is important. As serious as a heart attack, or avoiding one! That is pretty serious. Think about what fun things you are going to do and who do you know who most needs some fun-loving, and make some plans with them to play!

The next step is to wake up each and every morning with love and gratitude in your heart for another beautiful day in paradise, for another opportunity to leave this world a little better than you found it. Your job is to suit up and show up and do whatever is immediate and situational in front of you. That is it. No more, no less. How do you know what you are meant to do? Follow your heart. It will lead you well. Do you wake up each day excited to greet the day? Do you go to work with a song in your heart? Do you know the ways to make your heart sing? If yes, then practice that often and proceed with love, gratitude and joy. Keep up the good work. If your answer to any of those questions is no, then it is your responsibility to change that. Perhaps you are not following your path and purpose. Perhaps you are lost. No matter what, where there is a will there is a way. As long as you have the desire, you have the ability to make choices, and to effect change on your life and circumstances. You might have to contemplate what that 'way' is, but trust me, it is there. All you need to do is ask for help and it will come to you.

Many right now are stumbling around in the dark, unaware of their greatness, of their potential. I am here, right now to remind you that you are dearly loved. You are needed and wanted! We are all meant to do this together! It works the very best if everyone is playing their particular note in the chorus of the Universe. We will miss you if you choose not to, it will not be the same without you. Come, play along! While you are figuring out what makes your heart sing, get back in touch with that part of yourself by remembering to laugh and play.

The time is now. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Many will say, "I don't know what I can do" or "How can I make a difference?". For any who feel that way, or who know someone who feels that way, here you go! This is the instruction manual. It is pretty simple and Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Anyone can do it! Imagine that! It was right here all along, just in front of you! Yes! Yes! Yes! You can do it. We can do it together! In this way we change the world, one heart at a time.

Blessings upon you and all our relatives. Sending you love and joy, pass it on.

Photos courtesy of Krista Le Piane all rights reserved. Thank you Krista.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Getting Hot in Here!

This has been an interesting week. The heat is getting turned up all around us. It feels like everyone I know is feeling this in one way or another. The temperature is rising in many parts of the country, which seems like an apt metaphor for so many of our personal experiences with the stressors increasing. As the pressures increase, we have one responsibility. That is to hold calm center. To hold peace and love in our heart. If we can get ourselves to joy and gratitude all the better! To bring the crisis or troubles we experience as they surface to the Altar of Love in our heart and turn it over to The Divine. Whatever that means for you. Know that we all have loving help just waiting to assist us. All we need to do is ask. Turn it over, release it and wait patiently for the resolution or answers to come.

No matter what happens we have response-ability; that is the ability to respond. In challenging times one of our first responses can be to hold the troubling situation, and/or people in love. To set aside the ego attachments to what is right or wrong, good or bad, up or down. To turn it over to The Divine and ask "Thy will be done for the highest and best of all involved for all our relations and future generations". As my brother very lovingly reminded me many years ago when I was struggling with a difficult situation, "Is it better to be kind, or to be right?". This became my mantra as I moved through a sticky situation with someone who was holding firmly to their version of what was "right". Moving through this was no easy task, in fact, our running joke is that I had a difficult time saying "kind" in response to his question because I was so attached to being "right". Why? Because keeping track of my version of the truth was part of what made me feel sane. I was ego attached to my story, I thought I might perish or somehow be swallowed up if I released it. There was a death as I let go of my version to be kind over being right. It was the death of some of my own self importance and the rebalancing of my ego. As I moved through this, the next step was to ask myself, "What is presenting itself to be healed in me?" To uncover the blocks inside myself which have kept me from feeling the loving, calm, peaceful center. As life is not all roses, butterflies, rainbows and unicorns, we find ourselves facing challenges, in stress and turmoil, which is the reminder that it is time to turn it over. That we are not in charge. That we don't always know what is for everyone's highest and best, no matter what it seems like from our window of perspective.

Pain is part of the human experience and suffering is optional. If we continue to hold on to our version of what is "right" we suffer. As we release our hold on the challenges that come up, as we turn them over, we are able to return to calm center. We may have to remind ourselves to turn the situation over more than once, maybe many times. As fully functioning adults, we are so good at being self reliant and self sufficient that when we turn something over, we will most often take it back. When we find ourselves ruminating on the subject, that is an indicator that we have pulled it back and hello! We can turn it over again. I expect most of us (myself included) will get to do this process again and again and again, maybe even in the same day.

As we turn our troubles, worries and concerns over, we are freed up to hold calm center, to be peaceful, even joy-full. Here is our response-ability, to spread love and joy during challenging times such as these. To brighten someone else's life rather than burden someone else. This is a "we" thing. We are here to assist one another. One of the BEST ways we can do that is to be functional human beings. To take responsibility for our own actions. To first of all do no harm, to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, then spread it out from there. It is important to spread the love and joy, but first we must make room for it in our hearts, then in our homes, moving out through our family, friends and neighbors, then moving on from there. If we all stay in our challenges, holding on to them, muddling through, we are more apt to spread the dis-ease in our hearts like a contagious virus. Would you rather live in a world where we are driving along and living beside and experiencing life surrounded by other humans who are in a peaceful, open hearted place, or surrounded by other humans who are frustrated, overwhelmed, and on edge? Would you rather be an agent of The Divine spreading love, peace and joy, or a victim of circumstances bumbling, rumbling and grumbling along? I choose the former! I choose love. I choose living life fully and spreading love and joy, being kind rather than right, with compassion that not everyone else is ready to do so, even as we all move through our challenges. Simultaneously I have compassion for myself that I am not perfect and I may not always be able to model this all the time.

All of that said we are humans. We are in fact all wounded humans moving through life. Bumping into one another's woundedness is part of the human condition, indeed wounding one another is part of being human. It is how we conduct ourselves as we realize we are bumping into someone else's wound, or as we feel our own wounds activated. This is just an opportunity for healing. I am reminded of the old school emergency fire training: stop, drop and roll. In this case when you find yourself swept into the drama, trauma and stress (the metaphorical house fire, the heat getting turned up) stop, drop and roll it over. Release the issue causing tension and fill your heart with love and compassion.

May you have a blessing filled day, and may you spread love and joy from your calm center.

With Love and Blessings for all our relations and future generations. And so it is.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Perfect Purse and The Law of Attraction

I have been looking for the perfect new purse. I have been carrying the same purse for several years now, off and on and while I love it, it is beginning to show its age. My criteria for a new purse is varied: it has to have a shoulder strap, a few pockets inside would be nice, not too big or too small. As Goldie Locks so eloquently put it, it needed to be "Just right". That I find it attractive is important, that it be a bit different, but not too different (kind of like me) and most of all that it be a bargain! Well, I have been looking and looking. It has not been easy.

The search has finally ended! I have found a wonderful new purse! I am sure we will be very happy together for some time to come. It met all my requirements! I was with my daughter, and on a whim we went into a TJ Max. She walked towards me with the most adorable purse, meeting all my requirements, including price! Under forty dollars. As I held the purse, trying it on and seeing if it had the requisite number of pockets, etc... I was reminded that this is the reward for patience. We had just come from the Coach Outlet store where I was contemplating a purse, for a lot more money, that was just sort of right. Not perfect. I nearly bought it because I was so tired of dragging around my worn out purse. I was so grateful I waited. I flashed to all the areas in my life right now which are calling for an extra dose of patience, and it feels to me that this purse is my reminder of the Law of Attraction in action. The results are always in harmony and a win - win solution. I can have the beautiful purse, with all the bells and whistles I want (and let's face it, these are all wants I am talking about, not needs) and the price will be right as well. I don't need to feel guilty for having wants beyond our needs. For desiring aesthetic beauty as well as functionality and a reasonable price.

We have all been re-adjusting our wants. For us, long gone are the luxury vacations, being showered with expensive jewelry, the shopping sprees at the holidays searching for the perfect gifts. These things are no longer even important to me. In our family, we have all pared down and cut out much of the "fat" in our lifestyle. It has been challenging and rewarding. As these uncertain financial times continue, I am always looking for more ways to cut back, especially given the added expenses of a second child going off to university in the fall.

This purse reminded me to trust in the process and get out of my own way. The Law of Attraction works. Waiting a bit to find the right purse for the right price. I didn't set out consciously thinking, "I want to employ the Law of Attraction to bring a new purse into my life". I had a specific desire list for a new purse. I looked around all tne places that fit for my requirements, i.e. I didn't look at Home Depot, they don't sell purses. I didn't go to Nieman Marcus, knowing that the price point would be way to high. I didn't sit at home hoping for a purse to magically appear there. I was practical and my actions were applicable. I trusted in the process. I had patience. There was no need to get hasty and settle for something less, or splurge on something out of my budget because I cannot find the ideal match. As I contemplated this, I realized there are a few current examples of this very thing. Clear intention for a desired outcome, whatever 'work' can be done to be looking for the solution, trust in the process, or let go of it (get out of the way) and voila! Just like magic it happens. The Law of Attraction in action!

My daughter needed new bedding for her dorm room this fall. We have been looking. The size is an odd size - dorm beds always are. She really liked a very expensive bedding, but like me was looking for a more reasonable solution. I was thinking I might just splurge on the perfect bedding for her as a treat, but with so many expenses related to her upcoming move this didn't seem wise or practical. Stay the course. We continued to look for the perfect win - win solution. We looked high and low, whenever we were anywhere the right bedding might be. Low and behold we were at HomeGoods (another wonderful store) when she found the perfect bedding for herself, for under $40 dollars. Once again the reminder that patience pays off. The rewards are great!

My son has been looking for the perfect housing for next year. His housing situation fell through unexpectedly, and he was left to find something new for the coming year. It looked like this was going to be costing us a few hundred dollars more a month. That was not good news. He kept looking. He didn't jump on the first option which came forward, he was patiently waiting and actively searching. As summer was moving along we were all getting a bit nervous. Would he be able to secure housing this late? Would it meet all of his requirements? Would he have to compromise or settle for less? The waiting was intense. He called us this week to say he found the perfect place to live, within his original budget, with all the perks he wanted. Once again, patience in the process. The reminder to set your intention, this is not a good time to be shy, be specific, it is your dream, do the legwork, then trust. Wait for the outcome!

Wherever we are creating something, or inviting something into our lives, whether it is something as simple and frivolous as a new purse, or the financial situation at our home or business, set clear, specific intention or desire. Do the groundwork in a practical reasonable way and then trust in the outcome. As long as we are in the flow, and not trying to swim upstream, against our natural rhythm, this will work every time. The rewards are great, they are just around the corner. All we need to do is trust. It will all work itself out, in good time, the outcome will be a win - win. I just need to look at my purse to be reminded!

What are you trying to attract into your life today? May you have a wonderful week ahead. With warm blessings and love for your journey!

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

You raised a good son, Mom

As we walked in to the small waiting room, all but one chair was taken. I checked in at the front desk while Ry took a seat. The awkward silence of a full waiting room bumped into us as I took the chair recently vacated by the next patient. The woman in the dress with the bright yellow sunflowers broke the mounting silence, "I just havta ask. Do you play basketball?". The question was directed at my son. "I know, everyone must ask you and I'm sorry, I just have to know". The once shy young man smiled as he looked at her and answered, "No, but I used to. I did in high school. I was a bit more clumsy then.". Yellow sunflower Lady gestured to the people on either side of her and exclaimed, "Well so were we!". She went on to recount her high school sporting days, or rather her efforts to avoid them, the dark haired girl to her right chimed in with how much she loved sports, especially soccer, my son smiled and nodded listening to their stories. He was called to the front desk to answer some questions and as he was responding yellow sunflower lady blurted out, "Just how tall are you?". My son turned and smiled at her and answered, "Six foot, six inches". "Six foot, six inches?! Wow!". Yellow sunflower lady smiled at him. He settled into his previous seat just as a pair of women walked in. We made eye contact and he offered his chair to the newest visitors to our club. Yellow sunflower lady crows, "What a nice young man!". He ambled over to me and asked for a cup of water from the water cooler beside me, as he leaned against the wall on my other side. Yellow sunflower lady queried as I got the water, "Is that your son?". I replied in the affirmative smiling at her and looking up at my son, seeing all at once the exuberant little boy, the shy adolescent, and now the handsome and kind young man everyone else is seeing. "Well, you did a good job. I can tell. He's a good man." yellow sunflower lady beams at me. She got called away and the waiting room settled back into it's customary hush. Yellow sunflower lady finished up and walked through the waiting room, cutting the silence as she touched me on the shoulder, "You did a good job. I can tell." she repeated with a smile. "Well thank you, and have a great day," I stammered as I smiled at her and she departed.

My son left this morning at 7:00. He said goodbye to his father before he went off to golf, he woke his sleeping sister to say bye for now, gave the dogs a farewell rub. After a hug from my once little boy, I could feel the tears beginning. He hurried over to his car, standing by the open door, "Why aren't you smiling, Mom? I'm just going on a little vacation, two weeks.". I tried to smile, at his excitement, "I'll miss you! I love you! Have fun! Drive Careful! Be safe!". "I love you too, Mom, and I will. I will." he jumped into his car waving as he backed out of the driveway and pulled away, towards the next adventure.

So why am I crying? I recount his summer plans and realize his girlfriend and her family will be with him about as long as we have had him home this summer. Unlike in other years when he left, his anchor was still here with us, this time it is different. He is in love with a wonderful young woman, they are beginning to make life plans, he is no longer anchored here. He has pulled up that anchor and is setting his own course for bright beautiful adventures as yet unknown. The awareness dawns on me that all the other comings and goings were easier because I knew he was returning to us. He is now moving towards his future and as beautiful as that is, and as cool as that is, my heart weeps, and so do my eyes for a bit.

I remember yellow sunflower lady from the waiting room yesterday and her words echo in my heart. She's right, we sure did. We did a good job. Love you Ry. Have fun. Be safe.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Peace and Relaxation Day

Happy Peace and Relaxation Day Everyone! How are you celebrating?

At our house we are having a quiet morning, enjoying everyone being home for the few days this summer Ry is in town as well as the last weeks with Krista before she heads off to college in the Fall.

The birds are chattering in the trees, singing and talking. The sky is that forever blue unique to summer days, where you feel like you could fall upwards into the forever of it.

We watched a young squirrel out the kitchen window this morning eating the flowers off a lantana bush. So adorable, until they eat all my peaches, then I wish they would get the concept of sharing.

The dogs are lounging, it seems they celebrate Peace and Relaxation Day everyday. We are all puttering around, enjoying the freedom of spare time, relishing this time together, with no agenda.

Okay, so I know it is not really Peace and Relaxation Day, but a girl can dream, can't she? My friend Amy Wise posted this on Facebook today, and it got me thinking about how very important it is to honor taking time for ourselves, and that we do not have a national holiday dedicated to that. So find your way to enjoy peace and relaxation, and pass it on. It is important for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

It has been a busy year so far, with more energies heating up with the summer. We are all being called upon in many ways. Look around, most everyone is feeling it. It is important that we find our own version of Peace and Relaxation Day to rest and rejuvenate so that we are able to continue to do all we are being called upon to do. There is more to come, so it is a good idea for us to take the time we can to rest and relax, and be in peace!

Sending you all love and blessings, and my warmest wishes for a Happy Peace and Relaxation Day whenever you can celebrate!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day: Dad I Love You, Let Me Count The Ways

Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there.

When it comes to Father's I am lucky enough to hit the proverbial jackpot. I have a wonderful Father, I have a great Father-in-law, I married a man who is a loving husband and Father. My relationship with each of my brothers (who are also loving Father's) is great, I even have a brother-in-law who is a new Father, rocking the Father role quite well too.

I couldn't have asked for a better Dad. He has always been my champion, and the champion of our family. He has been there at every stage of my life, offering encouragement, advice and support in any way he can.

I walk each morning with my Dad. It is a ritual we began after my parents moved closer to us about two and a half years ago. During our time together each morning, we get caught up on the comings and goings of our lives. I think I do more of the talking. It is easy to do, since he is a great listener. Which is sometimes comical, since he is quite hard of hearing.

On our walks we talk about the weather, we notice the local wildlife, especially the birds, though we are by no means bird watchers. We check on "our" harvester ant colony each morning, and make note of their changes and activities. We greet the neighbors out walking and always pet the furry neighbors who brighten our walk. We sometimes discuss politics. We don't always agree, but we always listen to one another and respect the other persons point of view. We always find common ground even when we disagree, we are more alike than different. We both love to read and share books. Our most recent favorite was "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. Though we have both loved "Open" by Andre Agassi, "Pillars of the Earth" and "A World Without End" both by Ken Follett. When we read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" we both loved it, but the ending made him sad and ruined the experience for him. His heart is wide open at this point in his life. He loves Westerns, both movies and books, because he knows the guys in the white hats always win, and the "bad" guys are obviously "bad". Somehow this all harkens back to a simpler time and is far more comforting than so much of what is going on out in the greater world today. We almost always find something to laugh about, and that is the best part. If we can laugh until we cry, all the better. I am lucky. I know each and every morning is precious. I cherish our time together.

When I was a little girl I danced on my Father's toes, he was the tallest most handsome and loving man I knew. He was my super hero. He is the first man I ever loved, and taught me about being loved, which laid the groundwork for me finding a wonderful husband. As I grew older, and the real world challenged my childish thoughts and opinions, many of my beliefs changed in the face of a greater world view. One constant which stood up to the whole wide world was the love for and from my family of origin, and most notably, the constant of the love from my Mom and Dad. I am blessed and honored to have a loving relationship with both of my parents.

It makes sense to me that my life started in the cocoon of my family of origin. There were a lot of gifts which came to me through that, but none more precious than being loved. Thank you to both of my parents for loving us all. Almost every day, my day starts with the warm embrace of my Father, sometimes my Mom joins us too. It is a harkening back to the beginning of my life, only better. He is no longer working full time to provide for our family and worried about the type of people we would each grow up to be. I am no longer growing up, trying to figure out who I am in this world and making my mark. We are able to just be together, in a very relaxed, comfortable and loving way. We are all made better by such love. The world is a better place in the face of such love and by such love. These are no small things. I do not take them lightly. I am blessed beyond measure in so many ways in my life. This is one in a long list of gifts I treasure.

This is one we can all pay forward. Who do you love? Do you spend time regularly in their presence? Do you tell one another not only that you love one another, but take the time to count the ways? This is how we change the world, one heart at a time. I know I am a better person for it.

I love you Dad. These are just some of the ways. Thank you. Happy Father's Day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Until We Meet Again

The washing machine, dryer and dishwasher are all humming in the background. The sky is blue, the breeze is blowing, the dogs are lounging. The family is in varying stages of regrouping. The kids are moving back into their rooms after having moved out for their grandparents and their Aunt and Uncle and niece. We are taking down the temporary beds, folding clothes, putting away laundry and dishes, putting the house back together, returning to normalcy and calm. It is the hush after the family has left. It is quiet, calm, and a bit empty.

There is the sweet echo of our time together co-mingled with the melancholy awareness that we won't get to see one another again for some time. It is easy to get swept up into our day to day lives and allow time to slip away from us. We have been consumed by the activities of our lives, our children's lives and their interests as well as the demands of Karl's work and the various priorities, the comings and goings of our friends, local family, the maintenance of our home, my work and, and, and... the list goes on. All this is not an excuse, rather an awareness of the fleeting nature of time, and the limits placed upon us with family that live so many miles apart. All that said, the times we do come together are made that much more precious and these past two weeks were no exception. In fact, these past two weeks brought us all closer, with more understanding of who we are and how important we are to one another and of course the affirmation that we would like to make our visits more regular.

We are all in major transition. Krista is done with high school and heading off to school in the Fall. Ryan and Dakota are a relatively new couple and negotiating college life out in the world by themselves. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and Niece are learning how to be a new family and getting ready to move, my Father-in-law and his wife will be adjusting to retired life, and Karl and I will be empty nesters so fast our heads will spin. Much change ahead for all of us. It seems a fitting time to come together and remind one another what is truly important in life: to love and be loved, to follow our path and purpose, to treat one another with kindness, love and respect, to be present for one another, to remember all we are grateful for. We cracked hearts wide open, shared hopes, dreams, laughter, even hurts and always love. I am deeply grateful to each and every person for their willing spirit, time and attention, as well as love, honor and respect for one and all. This is no small thing. Thank you all. My heart is filled to overflowing. Until we meet again.

This is a "we" thing. So long as "we" are willing participants, miracles will abound as "we" come together in love. Any "we" will do! In-joy your "we" time, we sure are!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

I wrote this on Krista's graduation day, last Monday before the ceremony. Congratulations to our sweet, amazing, beautiful, accomplished daughter. We are so proud:

Today is the day. Our daughter is graduating from High School. She will be valedictorian of her class. We are so impressed by her. Both our children continue to amaze us. To complete high school is an accomplishment, to do so with honors is impressive, to be valedictorian in a population of peers all attending high school and college concurrently, fulfilling internship requirements in their future fields of study, along with community service is extra-ordinary. This is a proud day. We are watching our baby grow up. Don her cap and gown and receive her diploma. She is heading into her bright future and it is a joy to behold.

We have family in town for this momentous occasion, as I wrote about last week. It has been a blessing. Watching our adorable little niece, nearly 9 months old, and the awe and wonder, joys and duties surrounding a wee human remind me of just how fleeting it all is. It reminds me that the next generation are already knocking on the door waiting to come in, and will be here in the blink of an eye. Our children are both in loving relationships with wonderful partners. We couldn't imagine better matches for them. It touches me deep in the heart to see our grown children doting on their partners and being doted upon, and all getting together and enjoying one another.

It is the season of graduations. It is time to be moving on into newer landscapes, into the next phase. It is normal I suppose to be nostalgic about the past, and understandable to be excited about the future, but for right now, this moment, I am breathing this in. Our youngest is graduating today. Most of our family will be here to bear witness. Breathe in. Smile through the tears. She is an amazing young woman. We are filled with joy at all she has accomplished thus far, the woman she is inside as well as outside is beautiful, her future is bright and shining with possibilities. This is what it is all about. Joy, re-union, connectedness, love, evolving, growing. Breathe it in, let it move through your heart, breathe it out with gratitude. Pass it on.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Come Together

Come and go, ebb and flow. We really are truly blessed. There are so many reasons to be thankful. Our daughter is graduating from high school next week. She is at the top of her class and headed to University in the Fall. She is dating a very nice young man who we all adore. Our son is coming home from University for the summer this week and bringing his adorable girlfriend with him for a visit. My in-laws are in town and my brother-in-law and his wife and baby will be here in a few days as well. Our house will be full to bursting with people and love. With the hustle and bustle of shopping and preparing food together, and the communion with one another, it is a busy time.

It has been a wonderful few days of catching up with my mother and father-in-law before the rest of the family arrives. We are showered with the blessings of a loving family.

I couldn't ask for a more loving mother and father-in-law or for better grandparents to our children. They are thoughtful, generous, kind, respectful and considerate. They are here to celebrate the highs in our lives and to commiserate during those more challenging times. When we come together we share thoughts and ideas, recipes, advice and love. It didn't start out this way. I was a young bride, who really didn't know herself completely, let alone how to be a graceful daughter-in-law. We were the first of our generation to marry in my husband's family of origin. It was a bumpy road as we learned to appreciate one another's differences and celebrate what we love about one another, not for me and my husband - that has always been easy, rather for me and my husband's family. It is no easy task bringing two families together. We had many differences, and it didn't help that my husband was not especially connected to his family at the time. I took it upon myself to try and bring us all together into one happy family. That was my first mistake, in a long line to follow. Today I can see based upon false assumptions, misunderstandings and hurt feelings, the mine field grew. I can see some of the reactions to one another's actions which could have been handled more smoothly, on both sides, but we have long since mended those fences. We have come together in love, taking responsibility for our actions each asking for and granting forgiveness. It has been many years ago now, but at some point our relationship made a sharp turn, changing the course completely and we were able to begin anew. Seeing one another for who we all are, with all our human imperfections, and loving and appreciating one another even more for it.

There is so much to celebrate and be thankful for, and I am celebrating and thankful! Events such as graduations and weddings are great milestones in our lives. It feels like we could benefit from more opportunities to come together and celebrate one another. There will be more to report about the revelry, the coming together and getting to celebrate one another and this time together.

Blessings to you all, may we all come together and celebrate in love more often!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell Oprah! We'll Pay it Forward

Oprah's farewell was beautiful. "Use your life to serve the world." That is a direct quote from her on her last show. Oprah's final show was like an excellent lecture from a Master Teacher. Touching upon such ideas as finding and following your passion, your path and purpose. She said thank you to all of her viewers, and talked about how through the show we were, "...learning together, teaching, growing forward and learning to understand the common connection in this human experience." She touched upon a main theme in the early years, people making bad choices and about beginning to learn, "...you are responsible for your life." "You are responsible for the energy you create for yourself and that you bring to others", this she attributed to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, from her book, My Stroke of Insight. She talked about learning that there is no need to feel superior to anyone. "There is a common thread that runs through all of our pain and suffering and that is unworthiness. Not feeling worthy enough to own the life you are created for. There is a difference between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing you are worthy of happiness. You are worthy because you were born, because you are here, because you are alive makes worthiness your birthright. You alone are enough."

After speaking to over 30,000 people on her show every single one had one thing in common, they all wanted validation. "Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you? Understanding that one principle. That everybody wants to be heard." she suggested we remain open minded and open hearted, do this with others. "Try it with your children, husband, boss. I see you. I hear you. What you say matters to me."

She thanked her amazing team. And said when she is asked the secret of her success she answers, her team and Jesus. "Nothing but the hand of God could have made this possible for me". She talked about God being One God for All, and how she experiences this. "I know I have never been alone and you haven't either. I know That Presence, That Flow, some call it Grace is working in my life at every single turn, and yours too, if you let it in. It is closer than your breath and it is yours for the asking."

As Oprah talked about God, she described feeling the voice bigger than herself speaking to her. "Be still and Know it. You can acknowledge it or not, you can worship it or not, you can praise it. You can ignore it or you can Know it. Know it. Be still and Know there is a Greater Power beyond ourselves." She said, with every move and every decision she is still and listens to, "The Guidance that is Greater than her meager mind."

"God is Love and God is Life. Your life is always speaking to you. First in whispers. What are the whispers in your life right now? What is whispering to you? And will you hear it? Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying?"

Thank you Oprah for being our teacher, our sister, our friend. You have brought all these many gifts you so eloquently talked about to us and so much more. As I have been reflecting upon the end of this long run of the Oprah show, I have been wondering why is this positive fixture in our culture going away now? The overwhelming feeling I get is this, it is time. We are ready. Oprah is handing the baton off to us all. It is our time to be like Oprah to one another to: share, see, validate, love and empower one another. This is our responsibility, and it has the potential to be as great as Oprah, multiplied by as many as we are strong, and then some. As we share our network of love and support with one another, we all benefit and grow and pay it forwards and backwards. Creating ever more powerful circles of love with one another. I know this is possible. How can I be so sure? Because I am surrounded by hundreds of people who are Oprah-esque. My dear friends, my family members, I am surrounded by people who see and are seen, who love and empower one another, who have already begun the network of possibilities which come from seeing, supporting, empowering, nurturing and loving one another.

So, Dear Oprah Winfrey, as your parting gift you said, "You all have been a safe harbor for me for 25 years and what I hope is that you will all be that safe harbor for somebody else. That safe place to fall. Do for them what you all are telling me this show has done for you. Connect. Embrace. Liberate. Love. Somebody. Just one person. And then spread that to two and as many as you can and you will see what a difference it makes."

Oprah you have taught us well. We have all been your students to varying degrees. It is appropriate that this is the season of graduation, because it feels like we are graduating and moving on, just as you are moving on to your new path and purpose, we are taking this baton from you, gratefully and graciously. We are honored that you, as with the most excellent of teachers, recognize our potential and the possibilities before us. You are taking the training wheels off for us, and away we go. Wheee... We might hit a bump or two along the way, but that will be okay, because we will have our other graduates of the Oprah Institute in Human Evolution there to assist us when we do.

Pay it forward and backwards...watch what happens, I will! Our potential is unlimited!

And as The Youngbloods said so well in their song, "Let's Get Together":
"Come on People now,
Smile on your brother,
Everybody get together
Try and Love one another right now".

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Witness to a Piece of Peace

I am an Oprah fan from way back. I have watched her show and I have evolved and grown as a human being as I have watched Oprah's hairstyles change, her dress sizes change, and her heart change. Last week I watched Oprah's recent two part interview with James Frey, the author of "A Million Little Pieces". For context, this was a new interview five years after the famous public shaming interview of James Frey by Oprah. I felt Oprah went over the top that day so long ago. James Frey experienced a public humiliation. No matter where you fall on the topic of James Frey and his lack of honesty to whatever degrees in his memoir, it was shocking to see Oprah hold his feet to the fire. It was not Oprah's finest hour.

This is a woman who has raised the consciousness level of television. She and her team are all about redemption, compassion, evolution, responsibility and love. So to witness Oprah tear James Frey limb from limb five years ago, it was like watching a public stoning; horrifying, devastating, deeply disturbing. Here was a model of human evolution in action, acting from such a base place.

Oprah, your human was showing. Really! That was what I felt. For both James and Oprah, I saw two great teachers acting out their lessons in front of the world, and I felt profound compassion for them both, and deep gratitude. Compassion for their pain and wounds, for their inability to see the situation they were in for the great lesson plan it was. Gratitude that they were willing to display this for all the world to see, and possibly to learn from. Selfishly grateful also that it was not my life on exhibit. Heaven knows I am human as well and have made my fair share of horrifying mistakes, which thankfully have not been aired, dissected or debated on national tv.

So after last week, I bestow upon Oprah and James the Noble Prize (yes I am aware I have changed Nobel to Noble...as I am not actually qualified to bestow a Nobel Prize, as yet) for Generosity of Self, in the area of Displaying Personal Growth. On the second of the two interviews last week, Oprah apologized to James, taking full responsibility for acting from her ego in her interview from five years ago. Well, I have to tell you, I was so touched and impressed. It felt as though there was redemption for all! I was so impressed by the way they both conducted themselves. It was triumphant!

Okay, so it isn't peace in the Middle East, but it is peace in the heart of these two people, and millions of us got to bear witness and had the opportunity to take a piece of piece in our hearts as well. To witness healing, transformation, personal evolution, responsibility in action, compassion, forgiveness and love is healing for us all. After seeing such a different display with the same players five years later, all I can say is, Bravo! Well done! James was contrite in the first interview, in this second one he was taking responsibility with clarity and conviction. What a beautiful example to the world. Oh, and Oprah, you get a standing O-vation from me! Awe-some! A sight to behold. Thank you for showing us the glory of humanity at her finest. I am so touched.

No matter if you like Oprah or not, and as I have said I do! She has been a fixture of our culture. She has been a great teacher. Sometimes our teachers help us to see a better way to be, sometimes they show us by example what not to do. It seems particularly precious to see the arc of evolution on one incident. To see someone make a mistake, to become aware of the error, to do the work to evolve and heal enough to take responsibility and make amends. That is grace-full. That is how it is done. My hat is off to both Oprah and James Frey.

We are all human. We all have lessons and opportunities for healing, growth, responsibility, compassion and love. We can all have peace in our hearts. The more peace we have, the further we get out of our own way, the greater the love and compassion we carry and share. It is just that simple, it is just that hard.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now is The Time

Now is the time.

It is time to reach out and share the love. It is important to be spreading the love to those who are in our lives; to take the time to see and be seen, to strengthen those connections in love, to express our love and appreciation for one another.

It is time to spread our connections out. Stretch a bit, make new circles of friends. The further we extend the network of loving relationships, the more benefit to all.

It is a good time as always to be fine tuning our lives. To pay attention to how you are spending your available time, attention and energy. Do you have some clearing to do? Removing activities, clutter, or unhealthy relationships frees up time for you to devote to what is really important. Are you doing what you LOVE? Are you spending time with people you Love? How is your energy bank account? Do you have a balance in your account, or are you overdrawn? Are you taking care of yourself?

These are all important. Making sure you have time to yourself, to devote to your path and purpose and to be with loved ones.

This week pick one thing to focus upon in your life; sharing your love, widening your circle, fine tuning your life, take care of yourself, follow your passion. It is worth it.

What are you waiting for? The time is now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Reflections

Today, I honor my Mother. She is a wonderful woman, who has carried our lineage into this era well. She has redefined the role of Mother in such a radical way. It must have been challenging for her to parent in such a different way than her Mother did and her sister chose. My Mother made an evolutionary sharp right turn, if you will, assisting our family of origin into more evolved and healthy realms, as had not been seen in her lifetime certainly in her direct lineage. Where did she learn this? How was she even motivated to change the model? Her own suffering from her family of origin was the inspiration, that and her drive to improve. We are blessed by her choices and we all benefit from them. Thank you Mom. I would not be who I am without you, and the many blessings of my family of origin.

I would not be who I am today without the love of the amazing man I married. Karl takes every opportunity to honor me as his wife and the mother of our children. It makes life joyful! Even mundane tasks become heart centered, when you are doing them for someone who loves you, flirts with you, and honors you every day (even after twenty three plus years). The most extravagant gift my husband ever gave me (my current wedding ring) he gave me for Mother's Day years ago. He said Mother's Day was the perfect day to give this to me, since being parents together has taken our love and our life to levels he never dreamed possible. He doesn't ever need to get me another gift for Mother's Day. That day was so deeply touching, the effects will last a lifetime. Indeed financially we are being more careful these days, as so many are. I got two cards with beautiful sentiments from Karl, which filled my heart more than any gift ever could.

I would not be the mother I am today without the two amazing children we have together. They are now adults, and we couldn't be more proud, impressed, amazed and in awe of who they are and how they navigate in this world. They both make excellent real world decisions on a regular basis. They have excelled at whatever they put their hearts and minds to. They are kind, compassionate and loving people.

I look at our children, and that is the greatest Mother's Day gift of all. I have had the honor of watching them grow into the adults they are today. As I sit here tonight everyone has gone to bed, the house is quiet and I am reflecting upon the day. It has been a beautiful day! I could not feel more full in my heart of love and gratitude for all the loving, wonderful people we are blessed to have in our lives.

Thank you to all the family members who make our lives so rich, and thank you to our extended family of friends. In our family, we all share one gift, the ability to attract and retain amazing friends. As I look out over the landscape of our lives, as a day like today prompts me to do, I am honored and blessed by all the loving relationships in our lives. So thank you, if you read this, I count you as friend or family as well. The tapestry of our lives is woven richly with color and texture from the variety of friends and family who grace our lives.

Go forth, and give your loved ones a hug which lasts a bit longer today, a look which lingers. Tell them how much you appreciate them: be specific, be generous. These are the things which matter most in our lives. The relationships which nourish and sustain us, they make us complete.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Well Can You Love?

How well can you love? This is easy with our loved ones, but worth looking at right now. With each person in your life that you love, focus your attention upon them, and love them. Reach in and turn the volume up inside your heart, radiating towards them. Now is the time. Bathe them in the Light of your Love. Reach out and touch them, when they are near. Reach out and contact them if they are far. Each one of us can make the world a better place as we love one another even more.

How well can you love? Turn on your Light as you move into the world to run your errands, go to work, go to your appointments, drive your car. Be the Human Angel you are. You make a difference in the world even as you are anonymous. Ask the grocery store clerk how he or she is, wait for a response while you look in their eyes. See one another. Be seen. Spread the Love. Get creative, attention must be paid. To whom much is given, much is expected. We have been given so much, here and now, this is one way we can pay back. Look at the lives of our ancestors, we are at the tipping point, we have been graced with such ease of life, spare time, play time even. Be Here Now. No more sleep walking, being unconscious, inattentive and distracted. Shine your Light and Be The Change You Wish to See in The World. To borrow some wise words from Ghandi.

How well can you love? How are you treating yourself these days? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake up with Gratitude for another day and recommit the agreement to be an Agent of The Divine? Do you go to sleep with Gratitude for another day and those in your life which make this experience rich? Are you taking a few moments each day to just BE? Are you moving your body? Do you treat yourself with the kindness, love and respect you treat your other loved ones? What about your internal dialogue when you look in the mirror? Are you loving yourself then? Make these adjustments in love. Treat yourself with the love you would give to those you love most.

How well can you love? What do you think of The President? The previous President? The Democrats and The Republicans? The House, The Senate, the Government? Don't these things too deserve Light, Love, Blessings and Grace? Of course. Edit those thoughts wherever they are from anger, frustration and annoyance to Love, Gratitude and Healthy Integration, Wholeness.

How well can you love? Your employer? The bank? All financial Institions? BP? The IRS? Where are you harboring anger, resentment or a grudge? It is time to release those, to bathe these institutions in your Light and Love. To honor them for what they have done which is beneficial so far, and Shine the Light of a Thousand Suns into them to perfect them and their processes. This is the great unveiling. Now is the time. Stand in the Light, Shine your Light in All Ways, always.

How well can you love? Is there someone it is time to forgive? Who, living or not, would benefit from the Light and Grace of Love and Forgiveness? Can you be the Agent of Love and release them from the grief of misdeeds? Does this mean you reconnect with someone who did you wrong? Not necessarily, your heart knows. Trust this. Either way, you can allow the flow of forgiveness in your heart, to release the toxicity of resentment, anger, hate, even as you proceed with caution with some, or remain distant from others.

How well can you love? That is the question. For you are far more powerful than you know. Refine this process, and refine again. You are making a difference in a million ways you are not aware of for every one way that you are aware. Keep up the good work. Tap into your Heart, Shine your Light! Spread your Love. Come together. Do it again. Be vigilant. Search your heart for those areas which you are ready to release which no longer serve you. Ask for assistance, in whatever way you know how.

Then and ask yourself:

How well can you love?

Sending you Love and Blessings, for today and always in All Ways, in Gratitude.

"How well can you love?" This question was posed by my teacher, mentor and friend Ellen Kaufman Dosick on her recent appearance on John Stewart's, The Daily Show as an expert on Indigo Children. She and her husband Rabbi Wayne Dosick are some of the most knowledgeable Indigo experts on the planet today. What a special honor to have Ellen appear on The Daily show. It says so much about how we are doing, where we are heading and how quickly it is all happening. WooHoo!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bountiful Time

I can't tell you how many people have expressed that they don't have enough time right now. It seems to be a theme and a good topic to share.

It is so important for us to pay attention to ourselves.

This means take time to play. Connect with loved ones, open your heart. Take time alone. Move your body. Get done what needs to be done, chop wood, carry water. Rest when you need to rest. Contemplate the rhythms of the Earth, and synch yourself up with them. This is the natural flow, actually time becomes irrelevant in this place.

I find if I stay in the natural flow there will be opportunity provided for me to rest, recuperate and repair. I call this turtle time, when I retreat from the outside world for a period lasting a few days or sometimes even weeks, much like a turtle retreats into his shell. This does not mean I go into a cave. I just slow way down and listen to my body and the earth more consciously daily. If I stay in that rhythm, at first I will notice how tired I am. This is the beginning, I am restoring energy at this point. As I honor the process, being with immediate family, doing the simple chores to keep the house running, gently walking daily, I will rest and begin to feel refreshed and renewed. My tank is about half full. If I remain in this place of honoring and resting, I will move beyond replenished and begin to become restless. This is how I know this time is nearly done. As I begin to get restless, I am reminded that I am storing energy, and that at some time in the not too distant future I will be called upon to go above and beyond for someone else. This is how my tank gets topped off. If I stay with it I will better be able to fulfill that purpose. If this model doesn't sound familiar to you, perhaps you would recognize it if I describe doing it the way most busy humans allow for at least part of this process, which is to get sick.

Getting sick is a widely accepted time for people to rest and recuperate. This works well enough for part of the process, bringing your account to about one quarter to one half full. This doesnt give you heaps of wiggle room. It does not allow for the final stage, which is storing energy, so that we have additional energy to give when we are called upon to go above and beyond. This sets up the common Western World human experience of not having enough time. Most often it isn't a matter of needing more time, for most people it is actually about managing energy, along with this will come better time management. Actually taking the time to move, to play, to interact with loved ones, to be alone, are all ways which help us to return to the natural rhythm. All these apparently time "taking" activities actually decrease stress and allow us to be more fluid in our real world doing. We actually become more efficient at those tasks which have seemed to be too much to handle.

We want to manage our energy like we manage our finances. Try to keep a prudent reserve at all times. If an emergency comes up, you will drain the account for a good cause, but will immediately have to work on replenishing that account.

When we are dancing in our passion and playing in our joy, we are connecting in with the natural rhythms and it seems there is unlimited energy available to us. We are much better able to remain in the energetic flow.

So relax, slow down and time will actually stretch to accommodate you and all you need to do in a timely manner.

Let me know how this works for you. Before you know it you will find yourself contemplating how you are going to "spend" your spare time!

Sending you love this week and all days in all ways.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Navigating in a Sea of Energy

We live in a sea of energy. We know how to navigate through it much of the time. Recently many of us have found ourselves removed from our ironclad massive battleships, and are now navigating the sea of energy in a little inflatable life raft. All the better to detect the subtleties of the sea of energy, which is a good thing, but we are feeling much more vulnerable. Vulnerable is good, vulnerability is how we move towards healing and wholeness, as long as we are taking care of ourselves and we stay in balance. How do we do that? We listen to our emotional body. We are all getting information all the time. One of the strongest ways is through our emotional body. Many people go their whole lives thinking they are not privy to such information or intuition when in fact we all are, all the time.

Many of us have been feeling like we have slid backwards in our ability to navigate the sea of energy with information from our emotional body. In fact we have not. Rather it is the shift from battleship to lifeboat, which is giving us the impression that we may have lost ground. Are you feeling that some of your emotional reactions are amplified right now? This is what I am talking about. Out of the destroyer, into the life raft.

I have an example of this from my life recently. I have a dear friend who I had not seen for awhile. She was quite busy, I sent her a message to get together. I didn't hear back from her for several weeks on that point. I did hear from her, she never mentioned getting together, or that she got my message. This really got my attention. Much more than it might have in recent past. My emotional body got my attention and it said "ouch". Not long ago I would have pushed myself towards my friend in this situation. I would have extended myself, my instinct was to overdo in such circumstances, which actually would create imbalance. I would have been seeking my friends affirmation of our friendship. I know this friend would not want to hurt my feelings at all. I did not need to assert myself upon her to find out if we were okay, I know we are okay. So with that information, in the instant I recognized "hurt" feelings, I lovingly pulled my energy back. I prayed for her, and did not contact her. This immediately felt good. No "hurt" feelings, just love and compassion for her and peace for me. I waited for her to contact me. Several weeks later she contacted me, ready to get together whenever we could. How did I feel then? Joy, love, peace, friendship, communion, balance. That said, several years ago that same scenario would have prompted several sleepless nights with me trying to determine what I had done wrong and how I could improve and be a better friend. That was back when the seas were stormy much of the time. Something minor like this getting any of my attention is part of why I said it feels like we have backslid some, my energetic body is far more sensitive at this time, through the little life raft I can feel minor fluctuations, which were imperceptable a few months ago. All the better for me to fine tune my actions and maintain calm seas.

This is just one example of following the information we get from our emotional body. It is simple right? Of course it is, so why don't we all do this all the time? Because most of us have too much going at all times. Trying to navigate when our emotional bodies are over taxed is like being in a stormy sea. There is too much going on just to stay afloat, the sea is whirling and swirling around us. By paring down those things which draw our energy and which no longer serve us, we free up more of the ability to interpret this information, calming the sea if you will.

It is easy to get the signals which do not feel good. Those come through loud and clear. It is more of a talent to recognize the subtle feelings associated with energy moving in right relation and how to paddle in that direction. The more you do it, the easier it is to do. The gentle vibrations which come from being in harmony can be an adjustment when we have been navigating in a tumultuous sea of energy. It is our responsibility to do our best to maintain calm center. This is just one example of doing so. How are you doing navigating in the sea of energy? Does it feel like the sea is calm and gentle, or like there is a perfect storm brewing around you? Storms come and go, we do not need to live in the storm. These are all clues for all of us, and learning how to read the energy sea is just one way to return to calm center where peace and love abound. Don't get discouraged if you have found yourself feeling like you may have slid backwards, you are actually moving forward much more effectively for the purposes of healing and integration.

May you have a wonderful week. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit. We are doing this refining and fine tuning together, moving towards healing and wholeness. We are here to help one another. One more reason we are all in these life rafts now too, the better to see and assist one another! Hey there! I can wave to you from here! Love and Blessings to you and yours.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Toast to Love

We are heading towards an empty nest at a tremendous speed. We are blessed by our two children embarking on the next phase of their lives. They are learning to fly free. It is fledging time. Karl and I find ourselves wondering what these coming years will be like. We are renewing our relationship, reconnecting with one another, looking forward, with love.

We had the privilege of spending some special time with my parents this past weekend. At dinner there was a singer singing oldies from the 50's. As the evening progressed my parents became more gentle with one another, more affectionate, leaning into one another and communicating in the longstanding silent language of their love. They have been married nearly 60 years. They met and married as teenagers. Their love affair has been the backdrop to my life. It has always been there: consistent, reassuring, enduring.

My husband's father and his wife have had a great love affair, even though it has been just over 10 years that they have been married, their love is deep and true. It doesn't matter when you find love, it matters that you live a life in love. No matter what that looks like.

As Karl and I wonder what the future will hold for us, one thing we plan to nurture is love: love for one another, love for our children and those they love, love for our families and love for our friends. We are better for loving and being loved. Love is our most precious commodity. Don't store it up, spread it around, that is how love grows. Do your part, love one another, make the world a better place.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Blessings, Big Gratitude

The weekend comes, the weekend goes. It has been such a week. My eldest brother was in town. It was so great to have him here. He came with a friend as well, and it was such a blessing. They both helped out around the house, helping with the Honey-Do list, which has gotten faded and cobwebby it is so overlooked these days. My husband has been working so many hours lately, needless to say I haven't asked him to do any of those around-the-house chores for awhile. My brother and his friend were not here to assist us. They were working every day to assist our parents as they tend to the estate of our Aunt who passed last year, along with other odd jobs which have been piling up for our parents. Along with all of that, can you believe they did chores around my house too? I am so grateful for all they have done.

So, why am I writing about all of this? I find myself filled to overflowing with gratitude: for being in community, for helping one another out when we need an extra hand, for receiving (I have always found it easier to give), for the loving relationship my brother and I share, for the family of origin I am blessed to be born into, for the gifts which come from sharing your spiritual path openly with those around you, for the blessings of family and dear friends new and old (the friendships, not the friends), for our children and the way they walk in this world, for my loving husband, for our precious dogs, for our loving home, for home cooked meals, for any time spent with loved ones, for contemplative time spent alone, for the sun coming up again and me being here to see it, for the moon shining brightly in my window at night. For, for, for, my list could go on and on. There is so much to be thankful for, little blessings, big gratitude, I could keep on listing.

What are you grateful for? What are the blessings which touch your heart? Who is great-full for you in their lives? Ah...there is the sweet spot, there is where the magic lies. May you have a week of blessings and gratitude, every week, forever and ever, amen.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Precious Present

It is the beginning. The beginning of another week. The beginning of another month, it is already April. Are you kidding me? How did this happen? I have been minding my own business, and boom here we are. Things are getting shaken up and moved about. It is time for us to be paying attention.

Are you living in heaven on earth? If so, then what are you doing to assist your fellow humans to live there too? Give a hand up. Think of one way you can be of loving assistance to those around you, from your heart this week. If you are not living in heaven on earth, what is one thing you can do, one change you can make which would allow you progress towards that goal? What would give your heart peace? Do that this week. Love yourself first. That is one of the most important steps towards being able to follow your heart and live a love centered life.

Are you doing your part? Is there love in your heart? Have you forgiven everyone in your life, alive or not? Take the time this week, to completely forgive everyone. Including yourself. Now is the time.

What will I be doing this week? Connecting. Connecting with friends, family, loved ones and connecting by praying as well. Our thoughts are our prayers, make them good ones. I will be making special time to pray each day. I will also be spending valuable time each day with friends and family, both near and far. In person and via telephone. I will be on the phone with several dear ones who are not nearby. We have some visitors here friends and family. I will be available to connect with these ones as we do not get to see them often, and this time is precious.

Really, that is the point here. This time is precious. Enjoy your life. Live your life. Do what you feel called to do, following your Path and Purpose. There is no time to waste. The time is now.

It is a new week, it is Springtime, the time of renewal and new beginnings. Some people and things may fall away which no longer serve us, like ripe fruit falling off the tree. In other cases new people and things are appearing and reappearing as miracles, just like new fruit to be of assistance to us at this time.

We are closing some pretty big hoops, and opening others. The time is now. It is most precious! The Precious Present. Love and Blessings to you all.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dance in your Passion, Play in your Joy

Steve Rother once said that, "Dance in your passion and play in your joy". I didn't much understand it then. It was maybe 15 years ago that I first heard that. Of course I could intellectually wrap my head around that, but I didn't know yet for sure what my passion and joy were. I have dabbled. I write, I draw, I cook, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, I do healing work, I am a Spiritual Facilitator, I have danced in many passions.

I have been dancing and playing a lot lately. I think I finally understand a bit what this means. It seems the more I dance in my passion and play in my joy, the more miracles unfold before me. The more miracles unfold, the more I dance and play, the more passion, love and joy. It is that simple.

I have been dancing with a new healing modality. I am standing in awe and gratitude for so much right now: for this life each and every day, for the blessing of ushering in this work and all the miracles upon miracles surrounding that (Pinch me!), for the gift of getting to dance in my Path and Purpose, right here right now, for the type of work which I bear witness to, for the amazing people in my life who love and support me, and I love and support, as well as those who have been willing to play in the Light with me, who trust me so much they are willing to go into heretofore unchartered waters. You are brave, brave, loving souls and I thank you! As this work unfolds and each session is unique and beautiful, just as each person is, I am in AWE of the amazing people I am blessed to know. I am deeply touched as I bear witness to each individual person on their own personal and sacred journey towards health, healing, wholeness and well-being.

In the coming weeks I will have a new website up and running from which I will be spreading the word about this work in more detail. Some of the wonderful people who have raised their hands and volunteered to do this work will be sharing their experiences. I am feeling full right now, full of gratitude, full of passion, love and joy, full of blessings and ready to share. I will keep you posted.

No matter what your passion is, take the time each and every day to dance a little in that passion, play in your joy and make the world a better place, moment by moment.

Sending you all gratitude and love for sharing this journey with me. For being a part of my path in your own particular way. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. My life is so much richer for it. Thank you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Stand in Gratitude

My son came home to visit for a few days this week. It was so good to see him and have everyone under one roof again. I am acutely aware that these times are precious and few, having everyone together. Even as I hold that thought I am in awe of our children. I stand in gratitude.

This week our daughter has heard from several universities which she applied to, and has gotten into each one she has applied to so far. She has done her part of the job: good grades, internships, community service hours, college classes, all that and she is a loving, sensitive, kind person too. I am so impressed and touched by the woman she is becoming. I couldn't ask for more. I stand in gratitude.

As our son came home his priorities for the few days he was home were: laundry (of course), seeing family, and to do healing work with me. There are not words for how honored I am to have my 20 year old son asking to do healing work with me. This further reminded me of the generous heart, thoughtful, considerate young man we have raised. He is doing well in school, in a loving relationship with a wonderful young woman, I couldn't ask for more. I stand in gratitude.

We had a friend embezzle a large sum of money from us. A la Bernis Madoff. He is in jail, we are learning how to forgive. We thought our children's college would be paid for by those funds, instead we have student loans. We have made some very dear friends who have gone through this same loss, we are blessed beyond measure for their presence in our lives. I can't put a price on that. I stand in gratitude.

Our income has been cut in more than half over the past few years, our expenses have increased. Our savings has been nearly depleted. We have weathered most of this storm with great success due to my husband's excellent financial planning. We have a long way to go before we are done climbing out of this financial debacle, but the process has begun, and we have more than survived these challenges. I stand in gratitude.

When times are challenging, as they are for so many on many fronts, it does not serve me to focus on the stresses and frustrations, instead I focus on the gifts and blessings. That does not mean I close my eyes and ears to the problems. I pray first, asking for help and then take action, calmly, smoothly, moving forward, towards healing and wholeness. I celebrate the gifts of our loved ones ~ friends and family. Each morning when I wake up I am thankful for another day, full of possibilities. As I move about my day I am playing more music, singing and dancing in the house and car (I can hear, I can dance, I can play music, I have a car, I have a house, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude). I find joy in my every day tasks. At the end of the day I am grateful for another day, and I count my blessings, literally, until I fall asleep. I stand in gratitude.

Today is the Vernal Equinox. Halfway between the shortest day of the year and the longest day of the year. The start of Spring! The time of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings! Joy, joy, joy! Each day is a love song to The Divine, make yours a good one, I plan to. I stand in gratitude!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Highs and Lows

This week there have been high highs and low lows.

The lows have been all over the news and web. The devastation in Japan. Watching helplessly from thousands of miles away while fellow humans face the most earth shattering experience of their lives.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Japan. We are all brothers and sisters in this human experience. Our hearts are with you. I cannot imagine what you are going through, few can, but I bear witness. I stand in love and compassion and send prayers for calmness, peace, love and grace.

On a personal note, I was blessed today to get to visit a dear friend in a hospital in Tijuana. She went there for treatment in the final stages of cancer. I was going down to say goodbye to a beautiful spirit. I didn't know what to expect, or what I could do, but I did know I could show up and be present in love.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Dee. We are all brothers and sisters in this human experience. My heart is with you. I cannot imagine what you are going through, few can, but I bear witness. I stand in love and compassion and send prayers for calmness, peace, love and grace.

As I turned the corner into Dee's room what I saw took my breath away. There sitting cross-legged on the bed was Dee, with bright sparkly eyes, shining face, and wide open smile! Her arms flew open and we hugged. She is radiant in good health and well being! Woohoo! She has turned a corner and it is clear she is going to be here for awhile!

Dee has gone through her own earth shattering, life altering experiences. She has survived the ravages of cancer and chemotherapy, then taken an inventory and dug deep, bravely surviving her own tsunami of emotions, and bid The Angel of Death adieu for now. Her transformation has been tremendous. She is ready to move forward and embrace her life. There is some rebuilding to be done, just as in Japan. After devastation that is to be expected. I am honored to show up and bear witness, in love. Blessings ahead.

We never know what is coming. We are blessed by this day. I am filled up with love and gratitude for Dee's healing; for the reminder that we are all interconnected and can send waves of love and compassion across the ocean to Japan and a few miles away to a friend or family member in need; for the blessing of waking up each morning and getting another opportunity to be An Agent for The Divine.

This is precious. It is easy to lose sight of the simple blessings. Breathe in. Feel your heart, breathe out, love. Peace. Amen.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look Out World, Here We Come!

Much is up, up, up! All around me, and even in my own life there are some areas which are up, up, up! You might ask, why is this happening? Because we are moving through change, then just a second, here's another area ready for, you guessed it, change. Oh yeah, and just a second, here's another heaping helping of, um...yeah, CHANGE! Some of us have become accustomed to change, we have adapted to it, we have even (if I do say so myself) gotten good at moving through change! Ha! That's what you think! Relax, and allow yourself to be carried downriver by the flow, if it feels challenging, well then that is how you know you are not in the flow. It is exhausting to try to paddle upriver. These effects are being amplified right now. Why is that you ask? Well they are being amplified to assist us. To actually make it easier for us to see which way we are going, upstream (fighting all the way, and before you know it you will be at a waterfall, which is impossible to paddle up, no matter how good you are at paddling) or downstream, in the flow, relaxing, blissful even. This is where the peace and joy reside!

For some time now I have been feeling like the time is coming when things are really going to take off. Tic toc. Look at the clock. Well now, we have begun to hear the first chime ringing as both hands are now on the 12. I am reminded of Cinderella running down the steps and dropping her shoe to hurry home as the first bells begin to ring. We are not running away from anything, in this case, rather we are being reminded to drop everything and begin running towards Home. We are heading towards being the best expression of ourselves, authentically, here and now. We are doing this, in the flow, instead of the frantic panicked feeling Cinderella must have felt, we are running towards our destiny, with love and peace, ease and grace and joy and gratitude! Woo hoo! This is a time to celebrate being alive! To be grateful for all the many blessings in our lives! To truly enjoy our friends and family, all those near and dear to our hearts! To love being alive! This is in the flow! These are our reminders for how to move through these times. So rather than up, up, upstream I am focusing my attention right now upon being in the flow, tucking in my arms and legs, lay down in the canoe, relaxing into trust and let the current take me along. Look Out World Here We Come!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Get Together

Last night we went to a dinner party. It has been years since we have been to or hosted a dinner party. It was a wonderful group of dear old friends. Let me clarify. Three couples there have been friends for decades. We are newer friends. That is, our husbands are all good friends, and have been for some time but this was my first time to get together with everyone. Let me tell you, I was welcomed in like I had been there all along. It was so sweet to get to spend the evening in the company of a group that fits like an old glove, and to have them include you so seamlessly that you forget you are the newbie. That is love and grace in action. So thank you to these dear new friends that already feel "old" to me.

As we were all around the table enjoying the good food, glowing candlelight, and basking in the warmth of dear friends, I found myself reflecting upon just how blessed I am. There I was at a table with these wonderful, loving, kind and authentic people. I couldn't help but think of how many amazing people we have in our lives, and just how seldom we all get our act together enough to come together. There is that word again, together. It keeps coming up!

So I want to take this moment to thank you all, dear family and friends old and new, near and far. For all the times we have shared in laughter, in counsel, in joy and in tears. This is what it is all about. To love and be loved. To share life together. Our lives are a rich tapestry of these events woven together. So let's break bread together. Let's make it a regular thing. These special moments are just all together too few, and I for one am going to attempt to up the average! Come on over, or give me a call and let's get...together, yeah yeah yeah!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Here We Go Again

We just got back from Pismo Beach. The Central Coast of California is so beautiful, the rolling hills, the beautiful beaches, there is a lot to like about it. If you haven't been to this region, it is definitely worth seeing. Krista and I went up the coast for her to see Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, on our way home we looked at UC Santa Barbara. This is part of the process. The letting go process. Ironically, Father of The Bride was on tv last night as I began this posting. It is such a sweet movie. As Steve Martin goes through the process of acknowledging his little girl is all grown up, I can't help but chuckle inside about the similarities in my own life, and getting ready to send our youngest off to school. Synchronisitic.

I am reminded of getting to meet my husband's Italian cousins a few years ago, when they came to town on vacation. Ry was 17 and a year from heading off to school. Karl's cousin was so excited to share with his wife that we would be sending our son off at 18. His wife was horrified. She said, "He is just a baby! How will you do this?"

At the time I smiled and said, "This is pretty normal here. It is how we do it."

She replied, "Our son will not leave the house until he marries in his late 20's, maybe even into his 30's! I can't imagine letting him go any sooner."

Flash to a year later, (how does time pass so quickly?) as my own son went off to college, I couldn't help but remember that conversation with Karl's cousin and his wife. I felt pretty silly about my then confident reply. Thinking back on how sure I was that it would be easy to let my first born move away, and living through the experience of it were two different things.

My brother in law, who is a new father, recently asked me how I will be with Krista heading off soon. I told him I thought it would be okay, but I just really didn't know. Certainly I have tried to feel into this potentiality, and try as I might, I just can't. As we were driving up through Los Angeles for a brief stretch on the road, I felt myself move through the first hints of getting ready to let Krista go. A wave of grief washed over me, as I realized she will be making this drive on her own before too long, going to and from school. Aha. So there it is. The grief, just a smidgen of it peeking out. What will it really be like? I have no idea.

During the two years Ry has been away, he has moved further away in some ways, and closer in others. Our relationship has changed, it has grown, become richer and deeper, and yet it is clear he doesn't need me. He even wants to consult with me less. Ouch. That hurts. And yet, he is happy, self confident, doing well in school, happily in a loving relationship with an adorable girlfriend. I couldn't ask for more, and I wouldn't want to take any of that away from him. So that said, as I stand in this in between space with Krista, I find myself treasuring every interaction, the giggles we have, the insight she surprises me with, the passion she shares about different subjects. The woman she has become. Wow. I wouldn't want to get in the way of this.

Just as Steve Martin learns to get on board with his daughter's joy in her engagement and wedding planning, I am getting on board with releasing Krista. It is not always easy. I might not always be graceful, but I am doing my best to follow her lead. After all, I have done this once before. With great success. Well, mostly. I can do this again. It is the most loving thing I can do.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ode to KTMAC

KTMAC. It is pronounced "K" - "T", "MAC". This is our book club: Kim, Terry, Marianne, Ami and Cheryl. KTMAC. These women touch my heart. If you love books, I suggest you join a book club. If there isn't one you can find, make one up. KTMAC has been meeting for over 10 years. I know, shocking! We are shocked too. We have read over 100 books, we have lists and ratings to prove it! We have enjoyed wonderful meals, at one another's homes and out. We have done breakfast, lunch, dinner, movies, holiday celebrations, even weddings and showers. We are a varied group, with strong opinions, values and beliefs. I knew it would be great to be in a book club when we started, but I didn't know how great.

I didn't know these would become some of my dearest friends. We meet monthly, and over the years we have formed a bond that has come from sharing our deepest thoughts, desires and beliefs, sometimes triggered by what we've read, but often not. We don't always agree with one another, but we do always love and respect one another, and we are always kind.

These women have given me so much. I can hardly explain it all here. Each one has been a role model for me. Teaching me certainly about true and abiding friendship, but also about long, loving marriages (collectively we've been married over 150 years to our same husbands - WOW), caring for family members and friends in need, raising up puppies and chillins, hostessing with heart, welcoming in daughter's and son's in law and being graceful Mother's in law, the joys of grand-parenting, the pitfalls of financial hardships, wo-men-o-pause, the importance of doing for others, even those we don't know who live a world away, and being good stewards of the earth, to name a few. These women walk the talk. They are the real deal. They are loving, loyal, enduring, kind and pure of heart. Together we have celebrated the joys life brings, supported one another through the challenges and have mourned the losses. We have been touched by peace, grace, inspiration, and joy in one another's company countless times. We have laughed so hard we cried, and touched one another to tears. Over these years, we have grown to be dear friends. I always wanted to be a part of the wisdom, support and kinship of women like this, it is better than any book I've read. I am blessed. These are the Ladies of The Book Club KTMAC, they touch my heart. We meet once a month, and we always have fun. I love you Ladies, and I love KTMAC.

P.S. If you are thinking you want this in your life too (let's face it, who wouldn't?) it doesn't have to be a book club. It can be a loving friend fest, or pizza lovers club. Whatever. Just get a group together, show up and listen with love. Do it again and again. Let the magic happen. Oh and laugh, you have to laugh, mostly at yourselves, oh and at words like polyamory. What? Why? Did I have to go there? I just did.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Break-up Story and My New BFF

I am not breaking up with you completely Ina. I have followed you. You have helped me to feed my family and friends. I love being invited into your home and kitchen, meeting your friends and husband, Jeffrey. I have dreamed about living in The Hamptons, about lush gardens and old buildings, all about as far away from San Diego as you can get. Who wouldn't want a Contessa for a friend? Especially a Barefoot Contessa. Of course I am talking about Ina Garten. I have all your cookbooks, I've cooked countless meals from fancy dinners to Holiday extravaganza's and easy nights at home with your help. Your recipies are almost all a great combination of simple and fabulous. I've loved you and shared you with friends and family. My copy of "The Barefoot Contessa Family Style" is dog eared and has so many drops and splashes on it, it would probably make a yummy soup if I boiled it. Don't worry I won't, and I won't give you up forever, Ina, I just couldn't. I made your Mac and Cheese this week. As always you assist me with one of my super powers; to make my husband swoon with yummy food. "The way to a man's heart..." and all that. Sadly you have left me wanting more. I have never truly felt I was a "friend". Our time is waning, it is time for you to move over Ina. I have a new BFF.

Her name is Ree Drummond and she is the Pioneer Woman, who cooks, and confesses and is a wife and mother, she has dogs and kitties. We have ever so much more in common. She writes you see. She is prolific. As I devour her stories in her blogs and her cookbook aptly titled, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks", as well as the food she inspires me to cook, I find myself falling for my new BFF. My daughter has a cold this week, and I went right to Ree's Chicken Noodle Soup for her and the family last night. It was wonderful, yummy, comforting, and I am sure healing for my daughter. This relationship is so much richer than my previous one. While I could watch Ina on tv, Ree e-mails me ideas for cooking almost every day, with pictures and a sense of humor to boot (pun intended). Doesn't this sound like a good friend? Good news, I am not delusional. I know Ina and Ree are not my friends. They don't even know I exist. I am clear on this. When it comes to virtual BFF's, this one is really hot (cooking, hot, you see what I just did there? Insert teenage daughter's eye roll here please). Ree can make her way into your heart too. I invite you to visit her website www.thepioneerwoman.com and her blogs www.thepioneerwoman.com/cooks and www.thepioneerwoman.com/confessions, I think you'll enjoy her. You will thank me later. Did I mention she has contests too? Where you can win actual supercool, awesome Le Creuset cookware and Kitchen Aid Mixers and even trips to visit Ree. Wowee. Right now I am about to dive into her book, "The Pioneer Woman, High Heels to Tractor Wheels, A Love Story". It looks great! I'm not giving anything away if I tell you she married a realo-trulo cowboy. And no, I am not being paid for this. This is all from my heart, and stomach, urp, excuse me.

As virtual friendships go, they are pretty one sided. It is their nature, being virtual and all. For all the giggles, heartfelt, sentimental stories, pictures and wonderful recipes, I thank you Ree Drummond. This is one way I can reciprocate for all the joy you've brought into my life, and no, if some of you are thinking about it I have never won any of her contests either! Sheesh!

I thank you Ina, Ree and all the other virtual friends I have followed out there. There have been others, but none so great as you. Most of all, hugs to my real BFF's (the ones I talk to and they actually talk back!), to my Mom who introduced me to cooking and the love of sharing food oh so many years ago and to my daughter Krista who has carried on the love of loving, writing and cooking for family and friends. You all make my life rich!