Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Toast to Love

We are heading towards an empty nest at a tremendous speed. We are blessed by our two children embarking on the next phase of their lives. They are learning to fly free. It is fledging time. Karl and I find ourselves wondering what these coming years will be like. We are renewing our relationship, reconnecting with one another, looking forward, with love.

We had the privilege of spending some special time with my parents this past weekend. At dinner there was a singer singing oldies from the 50's. As the evening progressed my parents became more gentle with one another, more affectionate, leaning into one another and communicating in the longstanding silent language of their love. They have been married nearly 60 years. They met and married as teenagers. Their love affair has been the backdrop to my life. It has always been there: consistent, reassuring, enduring.

My husband's father and his wife have had a great love affair, even though it has been just over 10 years that they have been married, their love is deep and true. It doesn't matter when you find love, it matters that you live a life in love. No matter what that looks like.

As Karl and I wonder what the future will hold for us, one thing we plan to nurture is love: love for one another, love for our children and those they love, love for our families and love for our friends. We are better for loving and being loved. Love is our most precious commodity. Don't store it up, spread it around, that is how love grows. Do your part, love one another, make the world a better place.


  1. Ah, an empty nest. I can't imagine...
    But you have love, so it will never be empty.

  2. Hey Hollye,
    It sounds like we have that in common. Blessings we share.
    I love your insights, your clear accessible voice and your wisdom. I so enjoy reading your blog.
    Thanks for reading here.