Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dance in your Passion, Play in your Joy

Steve Rother once said that, "Dance in your passion and play in your joy". I didn't much understand it then. It was maybe 15 years ago that I first heard that. Of course I could intellectually wrap my head around that, but I didn't know yet for sure what my passion and joy were. I have dabbled. I write, I draw, I cook, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, I do healing work, I am a Spiritual Facilitator, I have danced in many passions.

I have been dancing and playing a lot lately. I think I finally understand a bit what this means. It seems the more I dance in my passion and play in my joy, the more miracles unfold before me. The more miracles unfold, the more I dance and play, the more passion, love and joy. It is that simple.

I have been dancing with a new healing modality. I am standing in awe and gratitude for so much right now: for this life each and every day, for the blessing of ushering in this work and all the miracles upon miracles surrounding that (Pinch me!), for the gift of getting to dance in my Path and Purpose, right here right now, for the type of work which I bear witness to, for the amazing people in my life who love and support me, and I love and support, as well as those who have been willing to play in the Light with me, who trust me so much they are willing to go into heretofore unchartered waters. You are brave, brave, loving souls and I thank you! As this work unfolds and each session is unique and beautiful, just as each person is, I am in AWE of the amazing people I am blessed to know. I am deeply touched as I bear witness to each individual person on their own personal and sacred journey towards health, healing, wholeness and well-being.

In the coming weeks I will have a new website up and running from which I will be spreading the word about this work in more detail. Some of the wonderful people who have raised their hands and volunteered to do this work will be sharing their experiences. I am feeling full right now, full of gratitude, full of passion, love and joy, full of blessings and ready to share. I will keep you posted.

No matter what your passion is, take the time each and every day to dance a little in that passion, play in your joy and make the world a better place, moment by moment.

Sending you all gratitude and love for sharing this journey with me. For being a part of my path in your own particular way. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. My life is so much richer for it. Thank you.

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