Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Stand in Gratitude

My son came home to visit for a few days this week. It was so good to see him and have everyone under one roof again. I am acutely aware that these times are precious and few, having everyone together. Even as I hold that thought I am in awe of our children. I stand in gratitude.

This week our daughter has heard from several universities which she applied to, and has gotten into each one she has applied to so far. She has done her part of the job: good grades, internships, community service hours, college classes, all that and she is a loving, sensitive, kind person too. I am so impressed and touched by the woman she is becoming. I couldn't ask for more. I stand in gratitude.

As our son came home his priorities for the few days he was home were: laundry (of course), seeing family, and to do healing work with me. There are not words for how honored I am to have my 20 year old son asking to do healing work with me. This further reminded me of the generous heart, thoughtful, considerate young man we have raised. He is doing well in school, in a loving relationship with a wonderful young woman, I couldn't ask for more. I stand in gratitude.

We had a friend embezzle a large sum of money from us. A la Bernis Madoff. He is in jail, we are learning how to forgive. We thought our children's college would be paid for by those funds, instead we have student loans. We have made some very dear friends who have gone through this same loss, we are blessed beyond measure for their presence in our lives. I can't put a price on that. I stand in gratitude.

Our income has been cut in more than half over the past few years, our expenses have increased. Our savings has been nearly depleted. We have weathered most of this storm with great success due to my husband's excellent financial planning. We have a long way to go before we are done climbing out of this financial debacle, but the process has begun, and we have more than survived these challenges. I stand in gratitude.

When times are challenging, as they are for so many on many fronts, it does not serve me to focus on the stresses and frustrations, instead I focus on the gifts and blessings. That does not mean I close my eyes and ears to the problems. I pray first, asking for help and then take action, calmly, smoothly, moving forward, towards healing and wholeness. I celebrate the gifts of our loved ones ~ friends and family. Each morning when I wake up I am thankful for another day, full of possibilities. As I move about my day I am playing more music, singing and dancing in the house and car (I can hear, I can dance, I can play music, I have a car, I have a house, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude). I find joy in my every day tasks. At the end of the day I am grateful for another day, and I count my blessings, literally, until I fall asleep. I stand in gratitude.

Today is the Vernal Equinox. Halfway between the shortest day of the year and the longest day of the year. The start of Spring! The time of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings! Joy, joy, joy! Each day is a love song to The Divine, make yours a good one, I plan to. I stand in gratitude!


  1. Spring, a time for new beginnings. Your amazing attitude will help. Sending light.

  2. Thank you! You are so sweet! Love and light to you and yours as well.