Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look Out World, Here We Come!

Much is up, up, up! All around me, and even in my own life there are some areas which are up, up, up! You might ask, why is this happening? Because we are moving through change, then just a second, here's another area ready for, you guessed it, change. Oh yeah, and just a second, here's another heaping helping of, um...yeah, CHANGE! Some of us have become accustomed to change, we have adapted to it, we have even (if I do say so myself) gotten good at moving through change! Ha! That's what you think! Relax, and allow yourself to be carried downriver by the flow, if it feels challenging, well then that is how you know you are not in the flow. It is exhausting to try to paddle upriver. These effects are being amplified right now. Why is that you ask? Well they are being amplified to assist us. To actually make it easier for us to see which way we are going, upstream (fighting all the way, and before you know it you will be at a waterfall, which is impossible to paddle up, no matter how good you are at paddling) or downstream, in the flow, relaxing, blissful even. This is where the peace and joy reside!

For some time now I have been feeling like the time is coming when things are really going to take off. Tic toc. Look at the clock. Well now, we have begun to hear the first chime ringing as both hands are now on the 12. I am reminded of Cinderella running down the steps and dropping her shoe to hurry home as the first bells begin to ring. We are not running away from anything, in this case, rather we are being reminded to drop everything and begin running towards Home. We are heading towards being the best expression of ourselves, authentically, here and now. We are doing this, in the flow, instead of the frantic panicked feeling Cinderella must have felt, we are running towards our destiny, with love and peace, ease and grace and joy and gratitude! Woo hoo! This is a time to celebrate being alive! To be grateful for all the many blessings in our lives! To truly enjoy our friends and family, all those near and dear to our hearts! To love being alive! This is in the flow! These are our reminders for how to move through these times. So rather than up, up, upstream I am focusing my attention right now upon being in the flow, tucking in my arms and legs, lay down in the canoe, relaxing into trust and let the current take me along. Look Out World Here We Come!


  1. Yes indeed my friend! Here we come! What a beautiful thing it is! LOVE YOU!

  2. Enjoy the ride! Sometimes I'm just trying to stay in the boat, but at least the scenery is great...

    Love your positive outlook.

  3. Thanks Hollye. I enjoy your blog! You hit it today. Sending my prayers to Japan out in waves.