Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bountiful Time

I can't tell you how many people have expressed that they don't have enough time right now. It seems to be a theme and a good topic to share.

It is so important for us to pay attention to ourselves.

This means take time to play. Connect with loved ones, open your heart. Take time alone. Move your body. Get done what needs to be done, chop wood, carry water. Rest when you need to rest. Contemplate the rhythms of the Earth, and synch yourself up with them. This is the natural flow, actually time becomes irrelevant in this place.

I find if I stay in the natural flow there will be opportunity provided for me to rest, recuperate and repair. I call this turtle time, when I retreat from the outside world for a period lasting a few days or sometimes even weeks, much like a turtle retreats into his shell. This does not mean I go into a cave. I just slow way down and listen to my body and the earth more consciously daily. If I stay in that rhythm, at first I will notice how tired I am. This is the beginning, I am restoring energy at this point. As I honor the process, being with immediate family, doing the simple chores to keep the house running, gently walking daily, I will rest and begin to feel refreshed and renewed. My tank is about half full. If I remain in this place of honoring and resting, I will move beyond replenished and begin to become restless. This is how I know this time is nearly done. As I begin to get restless, I am reminded that I am storing energy, and that at some time in the not too distant future I will be called upon to go above and beyond for someone else. This is how my tank gets topped off. If I stay with it I will better be able to fulfill that purpose. If this model doesn't sound familiar to you, perhaps you would recognize it if I describe doing it the way most busy humans allow for at least part of this process, which is to get sick.

Getting sick is a widely accepted time for people to rest and recuperate. This works well enough for part of the process, bringing your account to about one quarter to one half full. This doesnt give you heaps of wiggle room. It does not allow for the final stage, which is storing energy, so that we have additional energy to give when we are called upon to go above and beyond. This sets up the common Western World human experience of not having enough time. Most often it isn't a matter of needing more time, for most people it is actually about managing energy, along with this will come better time management. Actually taking the time to move, to play, to interact with loved ones, to be alone, are all ways which help us to return to the natural rhythm. All these apparently time "taking" activities actually decrease stress and allow us to be more fluid in our real world doing. We actually become more efficient at those tasks which have seemed to be too much to handle.

We want to manage our energy like we manage our finances. Try to keep a prudent reserve at all times. If an emergency comes up, you will drain the account for a good cause, but will immediately have to work on replenishing that account.

When we are dancing in our passion and playing in our joy, we are connecting in with the natural rhythms and it seems there is unlimited energy available to us. We are much better able to remain in the energetic flow.

So relax, slow down and time will actually stretch to accommodate you and all you need to do in a timely manner.

Let me know how this works for you. Before you know it you will find yourself contemplating how you are going to "spend" your spare time!

Sending you love this week and all days in all ways.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Navigating in a Sea of Energy

We live in a sea of energy. We know how to navigate through it much of the time. Recently many of us have found ourselves removed from our ironclad massive battleships, and are now navigating the sea of energy in a little inflatable life raft. All the better to detect the subtleties of the sea of energy, which is a good thing, but we are feeling much more vulnerable. Vulnerable is good, vulnerability is how we move towards healing and wholeness, as long as we are taking care of ourselves and we stay in balance. How do we do that? We listen to our emotional body. We are all getting information all the time. One of the strongest ways is through our emotional body. Many people go their whole lives thinking they are not privy to such information or intuition when in fact we all are, all the time.

Many of us have been feeling like we have slid backwards in our ability to navigate the sea of energy with information from our emotional body. In fact we have not. Rather it is the shift from battleship to lifeboat, which is giving us the impression that we may have lost ground. Are you feeling that some of your emotional reactions are amplified right now? This is what I am talking about. Out of the destroyer, into the life raft.

I have an example of this from my life recently. I have a dear friend who I had not seen for awhile. She was quite busy, I sent her a message to get together. I didn't hear back from her for several weeks on that point. I did hear from her, she never mentioned getting together, or that she got my message. This really got my attention. Much more than it might have in recent past. My emotional body got my attention and it said "ouch". Not long ago I would have pushed myself towards my friend in this situation. I would have extended myself, my instinct was to overdo in such circumstances, which actually would create imbalance. I would have been seeking my friends affirmation of our friendship. I know this friend would not want to hurt my feelings at all. I did not need to assert myself upon her to find out if we were okay, I know we are okay. So with that information, in the instant I recognized "hurt" feelings, I lovingly pulled my energy back. I prayed for her, and did not contact her. This immediately felt good. No "hurt" feelings, just love and compassion for her and peace for me. I waited for her to contact me. Several weeks later she contacted me, ready to get together whenever we could. How did I feel then? Joy, love, peace, friendship, communion, balance. That said, several years ago that same scenario would have prompted several sleepless nights with me trying to determine what I had done wrong and how I could improve and be a better friend. That was back when the seas were stormy much of the time. Something minor like this getting any of my attention is part of why I said it feels like we have backslid some, my energetic body is far more sensitive at this time, through the little life raft I can feel minor fluctuations, which were imperceptable a few months ago. All the better for me to fine tune my actions and maintain calm seas.

This is just one example of following the information we get from our emotional body. It is simple right? Of course it is, so why don't we all do this all the time? Because most of us have too much going at all times. Trying to navigate when our emotional bodies are over taxed is like being in a stormy sea. There is too much going on just to stay afloat, the sea is whirling and swirling around us. By paring down those things which draw our energy and which no longer serve us, we free up more of the ability to interpret this information, calming the sea if you will.

It is easy to get the signals which do not feel good. Those come through loud and clear. It is more of a talent to recognize the subtle feelings associated with energy moving in right relation and how to paddle in that direction. The more you do it, the easier it is to do. The gentle vibrations which come from being in harmony can be an adjustment when we have been navigating in a tumultuous sea of energy. It is our responsibility to do our best to maintain calm center. This is just one example of doing so. How are you doing navigating in the sea of energy? Does it feel like the sea is calm and gentle, or like there is a perfect storm brewing around you? Storms come and go, we do not need to live in the storm. These are all clues for all of us, and learning how to read the energy sea is just one way to return to calm center where peace and love abound. Don't get discouraged if you have found yourself feeling like you may have slid backwards, you are actually moving forward much more effectively for the purposes of healing and integration.

May you have a wonderful week. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit. We are doing this refining and fine tuning together, moving towards healing and wholeness. We are here to help one another. One more reason we are all in these life rafts now too, the better to see and assist one another! Hey there! I can wave to you from here! Love and Blessings to you and yours.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Toast to Love

We are heading towards an empty nest at a tremendous speed. We are blessed by our two children embarking on the next phase of their lives. They are learning to fly free. It is fledging time. Karl and I find ourselves wondering what these coming years will be like. We are renewing our relationship, reconnecting with one another, looking forward, with love.

We had the privilege of spending some special time with my parents this past weekend. At dinner there was a singer singing oldies from the 50's. As the evening progressed my parents became more gentle with one another, more affectionate, leaning into one another and communicating in the longstanding silent language of their love. They have been married nearly 60 years. They met and married as teenagers. Their love affair has been the backdrop to my life. It has always been there: consistent, reassuring, enduring.

My husband's father and his wife have had a great love affair, even though it has been just over 10 years that they have been married, their love is deep and true. It doesn't matter when you find love, it matters that you live a life in love. No matter what that looks like.

As Karl and I wonder what the future will hold for us, one thing we plan to nurture is love: love for one another, love for our children and those they love, love for our families and love for our friends. We are better for loving and being loved. Love is our most precious commodity. Don't store it up, spread it around, that is how love grows. Do your part, love one another, make the world a better place.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Blessings, Big Gratitude

The weekend comes, the weekend goes. It has been such a week. My eldest brother was in town. It was so great to have him here. He came with a friend as well, and it was such a blessing. They both helped out around the house, helping with the Honey-Do list, which has gotten faded and cobwebby it is so overlooked these days. My husband has been working so many hours lately, needless to say I haven't asked him to do any of those around-the-house chores for awhile. My brother and his friend were not here to assist us. They were working every day to assist our parents as they tend to the estate of our Aunt who passed last year, along with other odd jobs which have been piling up for our parents. Along with all of that, can you believe they did chores around my house too? I am so grateful for all they have done.

So, why am I writing about all of this? I find myself filled to overflowing with gratitude: for being in community, for helping one another out when we need an extra hand, for receiving (I have always found it easier to give), for the loving relationship my brother and I share, for the family of origin I am blessed to be born into, for the gifts which come from sharing your spiritual path openly with those around you, for the blessings of family and dear friends new and old (the friendships, not the friends), for our children and the way they walk in this world, for my loving husband, for our precious dogs, for our loving home, for home cooked meals, for any time spent with loved ones, for contemplative time spent alone, for the sun coming up again and me being here to see it, for the moon shining brightly in my window at night. For, for, for, my list could go on and on. There is so much to be thankful for, little blessings, big gratitude, I could keep on listing.

What are you grateful for? What are the blessings which touch your heart? Who is great-full for you in their lives? Ah...there is the sweet spot, there is where the magic lies. May you have a week of blessings and gratitude, every week, forever and ever, amen.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Precious Present

It is the beginning. The beginning of another week. The beginning of another month, it is already April. Are you kidding me? How did this happen? I have been minding my own business, and boom here we are. Things are getting shaken up and moved about. It is time for us to be paying attention.

Are you living in heaven on earth? If so, then what are you doing to assist your fellow humans to live there too? Give a hand up. Think of one way you can be of loving assistance to those around you, from your heart this week. If you are not living in heaven on earth, what is one thing you can do, one change you can make which would allow you progress towards that goal? What would give your heart peace? Do that this week. Love yourself first. That is one of the most important steps towards being able to follow your heart and live a love centered life.

Are you doing your part? Is there love in your heart? Have you forgiven everyone in your life, alive or not? Take the time this week, to completely forgive everyone. Including yourself. Now is the time.

What will I be doing this week? Connecting. Connecting with friends, family, loved ones and connecting by praying as well. Our thoughts are our prayers, make them good ones. I will be making special time to pray each day. I will also be spending valuable time each day with friends and family, both near and far. In person and via telephone. I will be on the phone with several dear ones who are not nearby. We have some visitors here friends and family. I will be available to connect with these ones as we do not get to see them often, and this time is precious.

Really, that is the point here. This time is precious. Enjoy your life. Live your life. Do what you feel called to do, following your Path and Purpose. There is no time to waste. The time is now.

It is a new week, it is Springtime, the time of renewal and new beginnings. Some people and things may fall away which no longer serve us, like ripe fruit falling off the tree. In other cases new people and things are appearing and reappearing as miracles, just like new fruit to be of assistance to us at this time.

We are closing some pretty big hoops, and opening others. The time is now. It is most precious! The Precious Present. Love and Blessings to you all.