Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now is The Time

Now is the time.

It is time to reach out and share the love. It is important to be spreading the love to those who are in our lives; to take the time to see and be seen, to strengthen those connections in love, to express our love and appreciation for one another.

It is time to spread our connections out. Stretch a bit, make new circles of friends. The further we extend the network of loving relationships, the more benefit to all.

It is a good time as always to be fine tuning our lives. To pay attention to how you are spending your available time, attention and energy. Do you have some clearing to do? Removing activities, clutter, or unhealthy relationships frees up time for you to devote to what is really important. Are you doing what you LOVE? Are you spending time with people you Love? How is your energy bank account? Do you have a balance in your account, or are you overdrawn? Are you taking care of yourself?

These are all important. Making sure you have time to yourself, to devote to your path and purpose and to be with loved ones.

This week pick one thing to focus upon in your life; sharing your love, widening your circle, fine tuning your life, take care of yourself, follow your passion. It is worth it.

What are you waiting for? The time is now.


  1. Thanks for this great reminder, Kim! You could not be more right on! It is time! ~~Carol

  2. Thanks Carol! It is good to see you here! Love you!

  3. Spring cleaning and decorating our interior lives. I love it!

  4. Well said Shary! Who knew widening our circle could be such fun!