Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Perfect Purse and The Law of Attraction

I have been looking for the perfect new purse. I have been carrying the same purse for several years now, off and on and while I love it, it is beginning to show its age. My criteria for a new purse is varied: it has to have a shoulder strap, a few pockets inside would be nice, not too big or too small. As Goldie Locks so eloquently put it, it needed to be "Just right". That I find it attractive is important, that it be a bit different, but not too different (kind of like me) and most of all that it be a bargain! Well, I have been looking and looking. It has not been easy.

The search has finally ended! I have found a wonderful new purse! I am sure we will be very happy together for some time to come. It met all my requirements! I was with my daughter, and on a whim we went into a TJ Max. She walked towards me with the most adorable purse, meeting all my requirements, including price! Under forty dollars. As I held the purse, trying it on and seeing if it had the requisite number of pockets, etc... I was reminded that this is the reward for patience. We had just come from the Coach Outlet store where I was contemplating a purse, for a lot more money, that was just sort of right. Not perfect. I nearly bought it because I was so tired of dragging around my worn out purse. I was so grateful I waited. I flashed to all the areas in my life right now which are calling for an extra dose of patience, and it feels to me that this purse is my reminder of the Law of Attraction in action. The results are always in harmony and a win - win solution. I can have the beautiful purse, with all the bells and whistles I want (and let's face it, these are all wants I am talking about, not needs) and the price will be right as well. I don't need to feel guilty for having wants beyond our needs. For desiring aesthetic beauty as well as functionality and a reasonable price.

We have all been re-adjusting our wants. For us, long gone are the luxury vacations, being showered with expensive jewelry, the shopping sprees at the holidays searching for the perfect gifts. These things are no longer even important to me. In our family, we have all pared down and cut out much of the "fat" in our lifestyle. It has been challenging and rewarding. As these uncertain financial times continue, I am always looking for more ways to cut back, especially given the added expenses of a second child going off to university in the fall.

This purse reminded me to trust in the process and get out of my own way. The Law of Attraction works. Waiting a bit to find the right purse for the right price. I didn't set out consciously thinking, "I want to employ the Law of Attraction to bring a new purse into my life". I had a specific desire list for a new purse. I looked around all tne places that fit for my requirements, i.e. I didn't look at Home Depot, they don't sell purses. I didn't go to Nieman Marcus, knowing that the price point would be way to high. I didn't sit at home hoping for a purse to magically appear there. I was practical and my actions were applicable. I trusted in the process. I had patience. There was no need to get hasty and settle for something less, or splurge on something out of my budget because I cannot find the ideal match. As I contemplated this, I realized there are a few current examples of this very thing. Clear intention for a desired outcome, whatever 'work' can be done to be looking for the solution, trust in the process, or let go of it (get out of the way) and voila! Just like magic it happens. The Law of Attraction in action!

My daughter needed new bedding for her dorm room this fall. We have been looking. The size is an odd size - dorm beds always are. She really liked a very expensive bedding, but like me was looking for a more reasonable solution. I was thinking I might just splurge on the perfect bedding for her as a treat, but with so many expenses related to her upcoming move this didn't seem wise or practical. Stay the course. We continued to look for the perfect win - win solution. We looked high and low, whenever we were anywhere the right bedding might be. Low and behold we were at HomeGoods (another wonderful store) when she found the perfect bedding for herself, for under $40 dollars. Once again the reminder that patience pays off. The rewards are great!

My son has been looking for the perfect housing for next year. His housing situation fell through unexpectedly, and he was left to find something new for the coming year. It looked like this was going to be costing us a few hundred dollars more a month. That was not good news. He kept looking. He didn't jump on the first option which came forward, he was patiently waiting and actively searching. As summer was moving along we were all getting a bit nervous. Would he be able to secure housing this late? Would it meet all of his requirements? Would he have to compromise or settle for less? The waiting was intense. He called us this week to say he found the perfect place to live, within his original budget, with all the perks he wanted. Once again, patience in the process. The reminder to set your intention, this is not a good time to be shy, be specific, it is your dream, do the legwork, then trust. Wait for the outcome!

Wherever we are creating something, or inviting something into our lives, whether it is something as simple and frivolous as a new purse, or the financial situation at our home or business, set clear, specific intention or desire. Do the groundwork in a practical reasonable way and then trust in the outcome. As long as we are in the flow, and not trying to swim upstream, against our natural rhythm, this will work every time. The rewards are great, they are just around the corner. All we need to do is trust. It will all work itself out, in good time, the outcome will be a win - win. I just need to look at my purse to be reminded!

What are you trying to attract into your life today? May you have a wonderful week ahead. With warm blessings and love for your journey!

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  1. Very nice post, Kim. And I find this Law of Attraction to be so true too! I've had many instances of this in my life. One very meaningful one last year when I made a commitment to be out of my job by the end of last year. I said it out loud and to myself. And what happened? A new job came up and I was able to resign from my old job by December 2010. The same goes for financial stuff. As long as you own the money situations and are honest, things end up okay. I truly believe this!

  2. Patience... so hard to find sometimes. This is a great reminder to cultivate it. I always want to find the right word, the right phrase, the right scene, but I won't if I simply stare at a blank page. I have to get my pen moving or nothing will happen. But if we do the work as you suggest and trust in the process, what we're looking for will show up. Thank you!

  3. Patience is the hardest word. I pray for it all the time. If we can just relax and let the universe provide it will...of course we have to do our part as well. Thanks for the reminder.

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  5. @Leah I so agree... Honesty, personal integrity are big parts of the process. Identifying what you want is easier when you do.

    @Shary, it does apply to our writing as well, doesn't it? You are so right! Patience is a valuable part of the process too and it does seem scarce sometimes

    @Cheryl, Amen! I would be so nice if patience just showed up when we asked for it, but that's kind of the conundrum, isn't it?!

    Thank you all Ladies for reading and sharing!