Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Well Can You Love?

How well can you love? This is easy with our loved ones, but worth looking at right now. With each person in your life that you love, focus your attention upon them, and love them. Reach in and turn the volume up inside your heart, radiating towards them. Now is the time. Bathe them in the Light of your Love. Reach out and touch them, when they are near. Reach out and contact them if they are far. Each one of us can make the world a better place as we love one another even more.

How well can you love? Turn on your Light as you move into the world to run your errands, go to work, go to your appointments, drive your car. Be the Human Angel you are. You make a difference in the world even as you are anonymous. Ask the grocery store clerk how he or she is, wait for a response while you look in their eyes. See one another. Be seen. Spread the Love. Get creative, attention must be paid. To whom much is given, much is expected. We have been given so much, here and now, this is one way we can pay back. Look at the lives of our ancestors, we are at the tipping point, we have been graced with such ease of life, spare time, play time even. Be Here Now. No more sleep walking, being unconscious, inattentive and distracted. Shine your Light and Be The Change You Wish to See in The World. To borrow some wise words from Ghandi.

How well can you love? How are you treating yourself these days? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake up with Gratitude for another day and recommit the agreement to be an Agent of The Divine? Do you go to sleep with Gratitude for another day and those in your life which make this experience rich? Are you taking a few moments each day to just BE? Are you moving your body? Do you treat yourself with the kindness, love and respect you treat your other loved ones? What about your internal dialogue when you look in the mirror? Are you loving yourself then? Make these adjustments in love. Treat yourself with the love you would give to those you love most.

How well can you love? What do you think of The President? The previous President? The Democrats and The Republicans? The House, The Senate, the Government? Don't these things too deserve Light, Love, Blessings and Grace? Of course. Edit those thoughts wherever they are from anger, frustration and annoyance to Love, Gratitude and Healthy Integration, Wholeness.

How well can you love? Your employer? The bank? All financial Institions? BP? The IRS? Where are you harboring anger, resentment or a grudge? It is time to release those, to bathe these institutions in your Light and Love. To honor them for what they have done which is beneficial so far, and Shine the Light of a Thousand Suns into them to perfect them and their processes. This is the great unveiling. Now is the time. Stand in the Light, Shine your Light in All Ways, always.

How well can you love? Is there someone it is time to forgive? Who, living or not, would benefit from the Light and Grace of Love and Forgiveness? Can you be the Agent of Love and release them from the grief of misdeeds? Does this mean you reconnect with someone who did you wrong? Not necessarily, your heart knows. Trust this. Either way, you can allow the flow of forgiveness in your heart, to release the toxicity of resentment, anger, hate, even as you proceed with caution with some, or remain distant from others.

How well can you love? That is the question. For you are far more powerful than you know. Refine this process, and refine again. You are making a difference in a million ways you are not aware of for every one way that you are aware. Keep up the good work. Tap into your Heart, Shine your Light! Spread your Love. Come together. Do it again. Be vigilant. Search your heart for those areas which you are ready to release which no longer serve you. Ask for assistance, in whatever way you know how.

Then and ask yourself:

How well can you love?

Sending you Love and Blessings, for today and always in All Ways, in Gratitude.

"How well can you love?" This question was posed by my teacher, mentor and friend Ellen Kaufman Dosick on her recent appearance on John Stewart's, The Daily Show as an expert on Indigo Children. She and her husband Rabbi Wayne Dosick are some of the most knowledgeable Indigo experts on the planet today. What a special honor to have Ellen appear on The Daily show. It says so much about how we are doing, where we are heading and how quickly it is all happening. WooHoo!

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