Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where do I go from here?

Many of us have found ourselves seeking, asking, wondering, "Where do I go from here?" "How do I get there?" "When will I be there?" The answer is easy, you just keep going forward. You keep waking up each day, taking a moment to be "great"ful for the beautiful day, even if it doesn't look like it, at first, it is always another beautiful day in paradise. You move forward into the day, doing what is in front of you, and you make choices. You make choices to be happy or not, to be content or miserable, to learn and grow or not, countless times each day. You make choices to love the people who are around you or not. It really is that simple. You make these choices on such a small insignificant level each and every day that you are not even aware that you have made the choices. You decide if you are going to be annoyed by the snoring husband in the bed beside you (or wife) or to wake up, realize what has woken you up, and be filled with gratitude that you have a spouse sleeping beside you, and that any noise they are making pretty much ensures they are still alive and well. You can reach over and gently rub their shoulder to ease them into a lighter awareness, from which they will most often change positions, and stop snoring and you can be present to the awe that filled you when you first slept beside that person. The joy you would wake up to, being lucky enough to be in their presence even as they sleep. In these ways, and in so many other subtle ways throughout the day and night, we make choices. We chose how we are going to experience life, and therefore we chose our life. If you are making consciously aware choices at each and every turn, as often as you can, you will find each day will unfold as an adventure of how the world will rise up to meet you today. The more you are paying attention, the more opportunities to shift areas which you didn't even realize were "up" for awareness change, and thus reality change. In this way, we grow a little more peace in our hearts each day. The more we grow the more it shows, the more we share and this is how "we" do this, improving the world, one heart at a time. This is truly how peace will be spread on our planet, one heart at a time.

So the answer to those questions, "Where do I go from here?", you just keep going ahead each day, making the best choices and decisions you can on any given day, in any given situation, and you will find you are moving, making progress and are on your way to where you are meant to go, and that is how you get there, just one step at a time, one heart decision at a time, one loving look at your children, friends, loved-ones at a time. And when will you get there? Well, the answer is a paradox of sorts. On one hand you are already there. You have already arrived, and yet on the other, it is about the journey we are on and not about the destination we are headed to. After all, I figure once I get to where I am really meant to be going, I will be Home, and this journey will be done, so I am not in a hurry at all to find out how it ends.

Blessings to you, it's another beautiful day in paradise!


  1. Hi Kim!

    Here is the writer that I just knew was in there! What an inspirational site. I wish you peace, love, and joy.

  2. Thank you Cathy for your kind and loving words. Sending you back bushels of peace, love and joy, dear friend.


  3. Kim,

    My dear friend and spiritual "shoulder," where would I be without you. From teens to adults, from tears to laughter, from sadness to happiness, from break ups to marriages, from babies to young adults, we have been there together through it all! You are a treasure my friend. I love you from my soul!


  4. Same back to you Sweet Sister. Thank you for your kind words. With love, Kim

  5. Hi Kim,
    Notice the name I chose for myself. You're words of wisdom, love and kindness you've shared with me over the years have been so helpful. They only encourage me to be true to myself and recognize that this "journey I'm on, is my path, and that I can't put a lable on it or have a rigid definition. Perhaps the best way to proceed is embrace and enjoy the journey,no mattert what twists or turns my path takes! Thank You for your love and support!

  6. Yes Path Searcher, it is beautiful, and I love it. That is a beautiful blessing for us all, "to be true to ourselves and continue on and enjoy the journey, no matter what twists and turns our paths take". You are doing it, we are all doing it, even if we like to be reminded by one another once in awhile! You know all this! ;). Well done!