Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is a "we" thing

After a long and lovely conversation with a dear friend this morning, I am reminded that when we are in distress our instinct is to often isolate ourselves. What is the story we are telling ourselves? That we can do it alone? That we don't want to burden anyone else? That we think if someone else saw our scary bits, they might not love us still? None of these are rational thoughts, and yet, they are all real thoughts. No matter the reason, isolation is not the answer. Whether we isolate our emotional or physical pain, or of we insulate ourselves from the world and try to do it all on our own, we are suffering unnecessarily. There is no need to suffer alone. There is no need to suffer period. Actually, sharing our "burden" somehow makes it lighter. Somehow, just telling a friend, or loved one what is going on for us, what is happening in our heart, that can be the beginning of making sense of the situation, and the beginning of the healing. Even if the response from the friend or loved one is not a match, there is information for us there. As we put their responses through our own discernment, we are exercising our inner voice. Which helps us to further navigate though our life. We are also using a different part of our brain to talk about or write about the situation, which can assist us further in separating ourselves from the pain, and begin to move towards healing.

We are social creatures, and as such, we are meant to do this life thing together. The further I go the more I treasure those around me. The more aware I am of the blessings of dear friends and family. To love and be loved. That is at the core of all of our experiential wounding. We all need love. So as you go through a challenge, remember to call upon a friend, to be present to yourself as you go through your process, and you will give the gift of growing and evolving yourself, (for yourself and the planet) as well as allowing someone else to be there for you. They get the opportunity to love and support you, which is a gift indeed. If you see a loved one in distress, gently remind them that you are here for them, if they need you.

As we are present with ourselves and one another, remember to be present in love. To leave judgement at the door, and just love this other human through their very human experience of pain. Your job may be to just bear witness, or to give a hug. You may not need to say anything, but the right words will follow, if they are needed.

Lastly, pray. Remember, this is a We thing. Whenever two or more of us come together, we are in the presence of The Great Mystery. There is all kinds of help available to us, helpers, angels, ancestors, guides, all those beings that are here to assist us all for our highest and best and for the highest and best of future generations. This is part of how "we" do this...together. Now go on and love one another.

With love and blessings, and joy and gratitude!

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