Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here we go!

Every Blog has to start somewhere, so I am beginning here. I look forward to having this opportunity to share the events which are happening in my world, and hopefully to hear back from some of you about your path.

I am a happily married, 40 something mother of two adult children. I am blessed with a loving family and a circle of very special friends, all at varying places upon their path. After all, this is a marathon, not a sprint, and the finish line means we are done for now. So I am content to slow down and enjoy the ride of varying experiences and interesting people. I guess if you have found my blog, it is likely that we might have some things in common, and we might indeed walk side by side for a time. I believe that we are all on our spiritual path together, and those who we are close to and who we interact with on a regular basis can have a great influence upon our path. It is a "we" thing, none of us does this alone, and maybe the most successful among us do this by connecting often with others. We are all doing this together, so I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting to experience some of your stories, all the better to assist us all on our journey.

At this point in my life, our children are beginning to leave the nest, or even to be here less and less, and/or need less of my time and attention on a regular basis, which has freed me up considerably to try this blog on for size now. How will it be sharing together in this space and time? I am not sure, but I am excited to see where it will lead us all.

Much of my spiritual growth has come from observing and being obeserved. I find my children are very good at holding me accountable, to be sure that I am walking in integrity, that my actions match my words. They have been some of my best teachers. I have found that I prefer to learn gently and have nice, loving experiences (don't we all?), but I have found that life is sometimes messy and is also about learning what not to do, and how to proceed even in the face of challenges. We may all be spiritual beings having a human experience, but I am here and now human, and by choice learning and growing as I go, as I hope each of you is as well.

I work with Indigo's (if you have questions about Indigo's let me know, this might be an interesting topic for another posting) and I seem to attract people who are on their spiritual path and would like some assistance along the way. I don't know if identifying a person as an Indigo is helpful or not, although many of us have some similar attributes, and it is often helpful for us to see ourselves in one another, and thus learn more about ourselves. I am interested in being of assistance to others on their path, as well as paying attention along my own. The rewards for paying attention have been great, so far. I find more peace in my heart, and joy in my life. The further I go the less drama, trauma and stress present themselves. When they do, I find myself looking inside, rather than out, to see what is happening within me that this event or person is getting my attention so strongly. I do not always figure the situation out, but often over time there will be clarity, healing and growth. I admit, I have used a strong editing hand in my life. I would say I have learned a great deal about setting healthy boundaries, which is a must on any spiritual path. We have a limited amount of time, attention and energy in any given day, and ultimately in each of our lives. It feels important to me to focus upon those who are available (ready, willing and able) to move forward. If there are too many people in your life that are draining you of your energy, that is something which bears looking at. Does that mean that we only surround ourselves with those who give to us? Of couse not!! Otherwise, how would we ever be mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends? With each person in our life, there should be a give and a take, and if we are talking about our children or our parents, there will be times when the take WAAAAY out-weighs the "give", unless you realize the "give" is there in the miracle of life. In the miracle of being blessed and honored to be raised by someone, in the miracle of bearing witness to the maturation of a human by being present to parent, in the miracle of sharing life together.. So, this too is a topic for another day, I guess. I am hoping that your comments will assist me to find what is interesting to you, dear readers, so that we may better move along this path together.

It seems to me my spiritual growth happens as I am living my life, being the best I can be on any given day. I go about my day, my "chop wood, carry water", looks more like go to the grocery store and Target, make dinner, do the dishes, pick up after people, and spend time with friends and family. So, does a spiritual life really unfold in a normal, ordinary life? I believe the answer is YES! I am a living example, as are many of my friends and family.

I have tried going to church on a regular basis, when our children were younger, we spend a number of years immersed in a lovely church family. There were many gifts there, and it was a great place for us to be at that time, and it is indeed a great place for many to be. For me, now, I find I have a strong Judeo-Christian background, but I also have a strong spiritual/mystical side, which is undeniable and alive, and as such I have not found an institution which matches my Spiritual Path at this particular time. It feels to me that I am meant to forge ahead, finding my own way, getting information from many different schools of thought and Spiritual Truths. We are each our own highest authority for what is a match for us. I honor each one of you your choice, as I hope each of you will honor mine. I encourage you to bounce experiences against your own discernment, your own inner knowing, and keep what feels right, and release those things which are not a match for you. I do not pretend to know anything, other that what feels right to me at this particular time on my path. I can guarantee one thing, much of what make sense to me today will likely change. As uncomfortable as that is to me, change is a healthy part of a spiritual path, releasing my attachment to "knowing" anything. If I think I know something, it is a reminder that I have more to learn in that area. So, I will do my best to have an open mind and heart and to proceed by releasing judgment as it comes up and moving towards wholeness and healing, and sharing with you, my experiences along the way. So for now, this is my first reflection from my path, hopefully in a long line of many to follow. This is one interesting journey.


  1. Kim,

    What an inspiring blog! I love your authenticity, vulnerability and wisdom. Thank you!


    Irene Kendig

  2. Thank you for your kind words Irene. As you can see I am just starting on my writing journey, so I deeply appreciate your feedback.