Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love and Joy Vibration

Okay, so I am thinking if you have found this blog, you are likely already in the love, joy vibration. That's great, living here has its own benefits and rewards. Not living in drama, trauma and stress being the biggies to me. That said, it is not without challenges. One which seems to be coming up for many people right now, would be seeing others we care about who are not yet living in the love, joy vibration. It is difficult to be close to someone and watch their suffering, and not be able to 'guide' them into the energy. Well, the truth of the matter is that while we cannot help anyone make the actual choice to transition into the love, joy vibration, we can assist them, in some ways. The first way is to totally love them, and release them to their own evolution. Give them a gigantic energetic hug and love them up and allow them the dignity of finding their own way. If we try to do this for/with someone on our schedule or agenda, it will not work and can actually prolong the agony for them, as they will resist your overtures into the vibration, as they know they need to do this themselves, or they will lean on you, to assist them, which will actually not benefit either of you. It will keep them more comfortable in the uncomfortable energies of drama, trauma and stress, and also sap you of your energies and keep you from doing the work you are here to do. This is where Divine Free WIll comes in. Each and every soul must chose on their own to come into the new vibration. By some estimations, only 10% of the world's population is existing in the love, joy vibration. That means that we all know quite a few people who are making their way "in the mix".

So we are not better than anyone else who may not have yet found their way into these energies. No rational person would chose to not migrate into the love, joy vibration, it is their woundedness and fears which keep them from making this transition. The second thing we can do to be of assistance to our dear friends and family who are on the fence about coming into this energy is to do our own work, to be the best "me" you can be. Pay attention, do what comes up immediate and situational, and move through whatever comes up to the best of your abilities. Asking for assistance as you go. How does this help those who are not yet in this energy? Well, it is a "we" thing after all, and the better we are at living in this place, the better we love one another and ourselves, the more attractive we are and the energy is and the more accessible we are and the energy is, prompting friends and family members to wonder and sometimes ask, "What is it you are doing differently than me?", "You seem so happy." and "Not much seems to bother you". This is the energetic equivalent to us saying, "Come on in, the water's fine."

This is all well and good, but for some of us, there will be a particular individual, friend or family member who we will find we have a difficult time releasing to their own evolution. This happens when we are especially bound with that person, and it feels as though we may have agreed to assist one another into these energies in some way, shape or form, which most of us are not conscious of, but we are conscious of the feeling of leaving someone behind, or letting them down. In these cases, it is especially important that we are able to love, love, love the person, clearly letting them know we are there for them, because they may come along any day now, and then of course, release them. Sometimes they are resisting us and our own well intended energies to assist them, which is exactly what is blocking their ability to see the forest right in front of them. In this way, we can be of the most assistance by getting out of our own way, and their way as well.

So what are the keys to the kingdom? Love, Love, Love. Wow! The Beatles had it right all those years ago! :)

I invite you to share with me any stories you have of finding your way into the love, joy vibration, and or bearing witness to other's doing the same, or of course the experience of standing on the sidelines as a dear soldier finds his or her own way through the drama, trauma and stress.

Sending you Love and Blessings, Dear Ones as you make your way through the energies!

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