Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All is right with the world

So we are slowly getting back into the rhythm of things here. We took our son back to college over the weekend and got him all settled in. He is doing well. I did very well I am happy to report. No wailing in the shower grieving his absence (yes, that happened last year). This year, I was fine, we got all the way home and I didn't even feel the need to well up. It somehow feels right to see Ry get settled into his apartment with his three roommates. He is moving on into the next phase of his life. As we pulled up to Ry's apartment complex to say goodbye before we hit the road Sunday morning, the skies opened up and it poured. It felt like a blessing from above. He is being watched over, he is in good hands.

That night, after our drive home, our daughter had a date. Karl and the dogs and I had the house to ourselves. At some point in the evening I couldn't find Sophie, our border collie. I went looking for her, and she was all by herself curled up on Ryan's bed. That was when it hit me. I sat down, and pet Sophie and we had a little moment. Not a balling fest, just a little moment.

Our niece left on Saturday morning. She headed back home and she will be missed as well. I spent the day today puttering around, getting something done I am sure, though I can't account for what exactly. Some days are like that.

I sit here at the kitchen table writing while Krista, our daughter, is doing homework across from me and Karl is outside solving most all the world's problems from my cell phone. He is Doodle Jumping his way to peace on earth and good will towards all men. The birds are chirping and tweeting, squawking and rustling in the trees, getting settled in for the night. I can hear a cricket serenading us. The dogs are laying on the grass looking out over the world as they see it. Night is falling. A lone coyote calling out, the dogs jump up to investigate. This day is done. All is right with the world.


  1. letting them go is the hardest. when my son left for the military last year i was the one that dropped him off at the recruiting station.

    all you can see through tear soaked eyes is that vulnerable baby god blessed you with all those years ago.

    his first words, first steps, excitement over mastering potty training, the hugs, the smell of that newborn skin...it's truly a moment.

    i cried all the way home and for about the next 2 weeks. my baby had left the nest...

    but like you said...all is right with the world.
    it's ry's time to shine. he has to utilize all that you and your husband gave him and i know he will =D

  2. Thank you Roschelle. Your words hit home. These are challenging times, as we let our young ones go, but you are so right it is his time to shine. This is what we raised our sons to be able to do. :). Blessings to you and your son as he makes his way in the world.