Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's up in your corner of the world?

I don't know what all is going on right now. I am not the only one feeling this, am I? It just feels like the pressure is rising, and I feel like I am at the shore, and I have just been hit over and over again with a never-ending set of waves. I am feeling exhausted, and it feels like it is not over yet. I can't say what all is going on. I am feeling pressure, and wiped out. I can't account for why. Well, I can tell you a gazillion little things, but no giant ones. I guess it is all mounting up, and I am feeling somehow overwhelmed, but I know everything is going to be okay. I don't even know what isn't okay, actually. Everything is going fine, for the most part.

I don't mean for this blog to be a self indulgent place for me to whine. I am hoping it is a good place for others to share whatever is going on in their neck of the woods. I am reporting what it feels like here and now. To me it feels like the pressure build up before a storm.

How are you dealing with this? Are you even feeling any of this? I am laying pretty low, doing what I am called to do. Not much else. I am being pretty quiet here, and waiting to see what is next. I look forward to hearing from any of you to know what is going on for you.

Is this the quiet before the storm? I feel like I have been through the storm already! Okay, so I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and do what is immediate and situational. Whatever is happening right now, this too shall pass, and in the meantime I am responsible for how I weather the storm.

I would so love to hear what you all are experiencing and how you are moving through it. I think we all benefit from sharing with one another!

Okay so hang in there, and I will do the same! Sending each one of you love, from my corner of the world to yours!


  1. i think we all go through that i'm overwhelmed and not sure why period every now and then.

    you can't put your finger on it because it's a combination of so many things: life, kids, relationships, the economy, your economy, world events, society.

    so many issues. so few answers and not much we can do about any of it individually. yet, we burden ourselves with all of it.

    hope your mood lifts soon. there's a brighter day ahead, optimistically speaking =D

  2. Thank you Roschelle. I agree, this too shall pass. My mood is shifting bit by bit.
    I can feel it!