Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pretty, Shiny, Twinkling Possibilities

This evening it is quiet. I am home all alone right now, and our dogs are sleeping. The gentle rumble of their synchronized breathing has put me in a cozy lull. This week has me buzzing with blessings. I have been connecting with friends, old and new, seeing some possibilities for what may be coming down the pike for me. Several possibilities are twinkling at me. They look so pretty and shiny! I can feel the excitement tingling through my body as I ponder these. Things are shifting and changing so quickly, it feels like this will be the case this year. For many of us this will be a time of releasing the "old" (those things things which no longer serve us), and preparing the fertile, fresh turned soil for what is coming next. Don't be concerned about releasing those things which no longer serve you, let them go with joy and gratitude for what they have brought into your life and allow them to float away from you with joy. Every person, situation, job or circumstance either feeds us or takes away from us. It is not about releasing every area we "give" in. Of course not, we would no longer choose to be mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, employees, friends and many other roles and relations. What we want to release are those things, people and obligations in which we feel we give ever so much more than we could ever hope to be repaid. We usually know where to make these releases, but what we can't see are the amazing benefits and gifts which come from creating the space in our lives for the possibility of what is to come. So this evening as I ponder the possibilities, and I feel the excitement around what is yet to be, maybe you want to ponder your own possibilities.

I am filled with gratitude for those dear friends and family in my life, for all the gifts and blessings in my life, and for the pretty, shiny possibilities twinkling about, dancing like sugarplums around in my head.

I am grateful to you, for reading these musings. I would love to hear what possibilities are tickling your fancy, so we might share on this journey together.

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