Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transitions II

I've heard so much feedback this last week about transitions. We all move through transition times many times in our lives. It seems many are in their own transitions right now, it seems to be " up" for many of us.

As part of these transition times, it seems many of us are experiencing changes with some people around us. Some of us are finding ourselves disappointed in teachers or leaders we have looked up to. Some of us are finding that we are moving on and leaving some relationships behind, or at least we are experiencing great changes in some of our relationships. How do we proceed? What are we meant to do? We might have to revise some of our relationships. It feels like we are getting reminded to follow our own hearts and Knowingness, to be our own teachers and leaders, instead of giving our power away to someone else. We are seeing our relationships with new eyes and being challenged to meet our own needs, to take care of ourselves, rather than leaning on others or having expectations of others. We are getting ourselves in a better position to hear the whispers of our own Guidance and even more prepared to be of assistance to others.

One of the goals during these times is for all of us to follow our hearts, to follow our passion. If we are putting too much importance on what someone else thinks is right for us right now, or are spending too much time squandering our energy, we are going to be reminded to take a look at this.

For me, I find the more I listen to Guidance, the more smoothly my life runs. The easier each day unfolds. The dance of giving my power away is surely present, perhaps it always will be. For me right now I find myself scrutinizing all relationships. How does this relationship make me feel? Does my heart smile when I think of that person? Well, that is a good sign, and it is pretty easy to figure out how to proceed then. The more complicated relationships for me right now are those which I feel strongly that I am meant to be in the relationship, I love the person, and yet something is changing. We are redefining, renegotiating our relationship. For some reason there is something crying out for shift and change. In these cases, it is more challenging to know how to proceed. I am flying by the seat of my pants in these areas. I don't have a model to follow, I just have to wing it, and see what happens from there. If I don't like the outcome, choose again! That is one of the great gifts of this experience. We have free will. We can choose again, and again, and again, until we get it right. When I find myself in these types of positions, wondering how to proceed, these are the most important times for me to remember the most important relationship of all. My connection to Spirit, God, Goddess, The Great Mystery, whatever works for you. These are the times when calling on Help, asking for Divine Assistance on how to proceed makes me most effective. These relationships are changing too. Trust what you get.

I look forward to hearing how these times affect you and your relationships. I am sharing this, indeed all these postings I share in the hopes that you will see a bit of yourself here. To further recognize that we all experience some similar things as part of the human condition. We are doing our best to make our way. As we work though our situations and are open about the process, then maybe as we help ourselves, we might assist another, just a little bit. It feels like that is at least part of what we are here to do together.

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