Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell Oprah! We'll Pay it Forward

Oprah's farewell was beautiful. "Use your life to serve the world." That is a direct quote from her on her last show. Oprah's final show was like an excellent lecture from a Master Teacher. Touching upon such ideas as finding and following your passion, your path and purpose. She said thank you to all of her viewers, and talked about how through the show we were, "...learning together, teaching, growing forward and learning to understand the common connection in this human experience." She touched upon a main theme in the early years, people making bad choices and about beginning to learn, " are responsible for your life." "You are responsible for the energy you create for yourself and that you bring to others", this she attributed to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, from her book, My Stroke of Insight. She talked about learning that there is no need to feel superior to anyone. "There is a common thread that runs through all of our pain and suffering and that is unworthiness. Not feeling worthy enough to own the life you are created for. There is a difference between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing you are worthy of happiness. You are worthy because you were born, because you are here, because you are alive makes worthiness your birthright. You alone are enough."

After speaking to over 30,000 people on her show every single one had one thing in common, they all wanted validation. "Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you? Understanding that one principle. That everybody wants to be heard." she suggested we remain open minded and open hearted, do this with others. "Try it with your children, husband, boss. I see you. I hear you. What you say matters to me."

She thanked her amazing team. And said when she is asked the secret of her success she answers, her team and Jesus. "Nothing but the hand of God could have made this possible for me". She talked about God being One God for All, and how she experiences this. "I know I have never been alone and you haven't either. I know That Presence, That Flow, some call it Grace is working in my life at every single turn, and yours too, if you let it in. It is closer than your breath and it is yours for the asking."

As Oprah talked about God, she described feeling the voice bigger than herself speaking to her. "Be still and Know it. You can acknowledge it or not, you can worship it or not, you can praise it. You can ignore it or you can Know it. Know it. Be still and Know there is a Greater Power beyond ourselves." She said, with every move and every decision she is still and listens to, "The Guidance that is Greater than her meager mind."

"God is Love and God is Life. Your life is always speaking to you. First in whispers. What are the whispers in your life right now? What is whispering to you? And will you hear it? Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying?"

Thank you Oprah for being our teacher, our sister, our friend. You have brought all these many gifts you so eloquently talked about to us and so much more. As I have been reflecting upon the end of this long run of the Oprah show, I have been wondering why is this positive fixture in our culture going away now? The overwhelming feeling I get is this, it is time. We are ready. Oprah is handing the baton off to us all. It is our time to be like Oprah to one another to: share, see, validate, love and empower one another. This is our responsibility, and it has the potential to be as great as Oprah, multiplied by as many as we are strong, and then some. As we share our network of love and support with one another, we all benefit and grow and pay it forwards and backwards. Creating ever more powerful circles of love with one another. I know this is possible. How can I be so sure? Because I am surrounded by hundreds of people who are Oprah-esque. My dear friends, my family members, I am surrounded by people who see and are seen, who love and empower one another, who have already begun the network of possibilities which come from seeing, supporting, empowering, nurturing and loving one another.

So, Dear Oprah Winfrey, as your parting gift you said, "You all have been a safe harbor for me for 25 years and what I hope is that you will all be that safe harbor for somebody else. That safe place to fall. Do for them what you all are telling me this show has done for you. Connect. Embrace. Liberate. Love. Somebody. Just one person. And then spread that to two and as many as you can and you will see what a difference it makes."

Oprah you have taught us well. We have all been your students to varying degrees. It is appropriate that this is the season of graduation, because it feels like we are graduating and moving on, just as you are moving on to your new path and purpose, we are taking this baton from you, gratefully and graciously. We are honored that you, as with the most excellent of teachers, recognize our potential and the possibilities before us. You are taking the training wheels off for us, and away we go. Wheee... We might hit a bump or two along the way, but that will be okay, because we will have our other graduates of the Oprah Institute in Human Evolution there to assist us when we do.

Pay it forward and what happens, I will! Our potential is unlimited!

And as The Youngbloods said so well in their song, "Let's Get Together":
"Come on People now,
Smile on your brother,
Everybody get together
Try and Love one another right now".

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Witness to a Piece of Peace

I am an Oprah fan from way back. I have watched her show and I have evolved and grown as a human being as I have watched Oprah's hairstyles change, her dress sizes change, and her heart change. Last week I watched Oprah's recent two part interview with James Frey, the author of "A Million Little Pieces". For context, this was a new interview five years after the famous public shaming interview of James Frey by Oprah. I felt Oprah went over the top that day so long ago. James Frey experienced a public humiliation. No matter where you fall on the topic of James Frey and his lack of honesty to whatever degrees in his memoir, it was shocking to see Oprah hold his feet to the fire. It was not Oprah's finest hour.

This is a woman who has raised the consciousness level of television. She and her team are all about redemption, compassion, evolution, responsibility and love. So to witness Oprah tear James Frey limb from limb five years ago, it was like watching a public stoning; horrifying, devastating, deeply disturbing. Here was a model of human evolution in action, acting from such a base place.

Oprah, your human was showing. Really! That was what I felt. For both James and Oprah, I saw two great teachers acting out their lessons in front of the world, and I felt profound compassion for them both, and deep gratitude. Compassion for their pain and wounds, for their inability to see the situation they were in for the great lesson plan it was. Gratitude that they were willing to display this for all the world to see, and possibly to learn from. Selfishly grateful also that it was not my life on exhibit. Heaven knows I am human as well and have made my fair share of horrifying mistakes, which thankfully have not been aired, dissected or debated on national tv.

So after last week, I bestow upon Oprah and James the Noble Prize (yes I am aware I have changed Nobel to I am not actually qualified to bestow a Nobel Prize, as yet) for Generosity of Self, in the area of Displaying Personal Growth. On the second of the two interviews last week, Oprah apologized to James, taking full responsibility for acting from her ego in her interview from five years ago. Well, I have to tell you, I was so touched and impressed. It felt as though there was redemption for all! I was so impressed by the way they both conducted themselves. It was triumphant!

Okay, so it isn't peace in the Middle East, but it is peace in the heart of these two people, and millions of us got to bear witness and had the opportunity to take a piece of piece in our hearts as well. To witness healing, transformation, personal evolution, responsibility in action, compassion, forgiveness and love is healing for us all. After seeing such a different display with the same players five years later, all I can say is, Bravo! Well done! James was contrite in the first interview, in this second one he was taking responsibility with clarity and conviction. What a beautiful example to the world. Oh, and Oprah, you get a standing O-vation from me! Awe-some! A sight to behold. Thank you for showing us the glory of humanity at her finest. I am so touched.

No matter if you like Oprah or not, and as I have said I do! She has been a fixture of our culture. She has been a great teacher. Sometimes our teachers help us to see a better way to be, sometimes they show us by example what not to do. It seems particularly precious to see the arc of evolution on one incident. To see someone make a mistake, to become aware of the error, to do the work to evolve and heal enough to take responsibility and make amends. That is grace-full. That is how it is done. My hat is off to both Oprah and James Frey.

We are all human. We all have lessons and opportunities for healing, growth, responsibility, compassion and love. We can all have peace in our hearts. The more peace we have, the further we get out of our own way, the greater the love and compassion we carry and share. It is just that simple, it is just that hard.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now is The Time

Now is the time.

It is time to reach out and share the love. It is important to be spreading the love to those who are in our lives; to take the time to see and be seen, to strengthen those connections in love, to express our love and appreciation for one another.

It is time to spread our connections out. Stretch a bit, make new circles of friends. The further we extend the network of loving relationships, the more benefit to all.

It is a good time as always to be fine tuning our lives. To pay attention to how you are spending your available time, attention and energy. Do you have some clearing to do? Removing activities, clutter, or unhealthy relationships frees up time for you to devote to what is really important. Are you doing what you LOVE? Are you spending time with people you Love? How is your energy bank account? Do you have a balance in your account, or are you overdrawn? Are you taking care of yourself?

These are all important. Making sure you have time to yourself, to devote to your path and purpose and to be with loved ones.

This week pick one thing to focus upon in your life; sharing your love, widening your circle, fine tuning your life, take care of yourself, follow your passion. It is worth it.

What are you waiting for? The time is now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Reflections

Today, I honor my Mother. She is a wonderful woman, who has carried our lineage into this era well. She has redefined the role of Mother in such a radical way. It must have been challenging for her to parent in such a different way than her Mother did and her sister chose. My Mother made an evolutionary sharp right turn, if you will, assisting our family of origin into more evolved and healthy realms, as had not been seen in her lifetime certainly in her direct lineage. Where did she learn this? How was she even motivated to change the model? Her own suffering from her family of origin was the inspiration, that and her drive to improve. We are blessed by her choices and we all benefit from them. Thank you Mom. I would not be who I am without you, and the many blessings of my family of origin.

I would not be who I am today without the love of the amazing man I married. Karl takes every opportunity to honor me as his wife and the mother of our children. It makes life joyful! Even mundane tasks become heart centered, when you are doing them for someone who loves you, flirts with you, and honors you every day (even after twenty three plus years). The most extravagant gift my husband ever gave me (my current wedding ring) he gave me for Mother's Day years ago. He said Mother's Day was the perfect day to give this to me, since being parents together has taken our love and our life to levels he never dreamed possible. He doesn't ever need to get me another gift for Mother's Day. That day was so deeply touching, the effects will last a lifetime. Indeed financially we are being more careful these days, as so many are. I got two cards with beautiful sentiments from Karl, which filled my heart more than any gift ever could.

I would not be the mother I am today without the two amazing children we have together. They are now adults, and we couldn't be more proud, impressed, amazed and in awe of who they are and how they navigate in this world. They both make excellent real world decisions on a regular basis. They have excelled at whatever they put their hearts and minds to. They are kind, compassionate and loving people.

I look at our children, and that is the greatest Mother's Day gift of all. I have had the honor of watching them grow into the adults they are today. As I sit here tonight everyone has gone to bed, the house is quiet and I am reflecting upon the day. It has been a beautiful day! I could not feel more full in my heart of love and gratitude for all the loving, wonderful people we are blessed to have in our lives.

Thank you to all the family members who make our lives so rich, and thank you to our extended family of friends. In our family, we all share one gift, the ability to attract and retain amazing friends. As I look out over the landscape of our lives, as a day like today prompts me to do, I am honored and blessed by all the loving relationships in our lives. So thank you, if you read this, I count you as friend or family as well. The tapestry of our lives is woven richly with color and texture from the variety of friends and family who grace our lives.

Go forth, and give your loved ones a hug which lasts a bit longer today, a look which lingers. Tell them how much you appreciate them: be specific, be generous. These are the things which matter most in our lives. The relationships which nourish and sustain us, they make us complete.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Well Can You Love?

How well can you love? This is easy with our loved ones, but worth looking at right now. With each person in your life that you love, focus your attention upon them, and love them. Reach in and turn the volume up inside your heart, radiating towards them. Now is the time. Bathe them in the Light of your Love. Reach out and touch them, when they are near. Reach out and contact them if they are far. Each one of us can make the world a better place as we love one another even more.

How well can you love? Turn on your Light as you move into the world to run your errands, go to work, go to your appointments, drive your car. Be the Human Angel you are. You make a difference in the world even as you are anonymous. Ask the grocery store clerk how he or she is, wait for a response while you look in their eyes. See one another. Be seen. Spread the Love. Get creative, attention must be paid. To whom much is given, much is expected. We have been given so much, here and now, this is one way we can pay back. Look at the lives of our ancestors, we are at the tipping point, we have been graced with such ease of life, spare time, play time even. Be Here Now. No more sleep walking, being unconscious, inattentive and distracted. Shine your Light and Be The Change You Wish to See in The World. To borrow some wise words from Ghandi.

How well can you love? How are you treating yourself these days? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake up with Gratitude for another day and recommit the agreement to be an Agent of The Divine? Do you go to sleep with Gratitude for another day and those in your life which make this experience rich? Are you taking a few moments each day to just BE? Are you moving your body? Do you treat yourself with the kindness, love and respect you treat your other loved ones? What about your internal dialogue when you look in the mirror? Are you loving yourself then? Make these adjustments in love. Treat yourself with the love you would give to those you love most.

How well can you love? What do you think of The President? The previous President? The Democrats and The Republicans? The House, The Senate, the Government? Don't these things too deserve Light, Love, Blessings and Grace? Of course. Edit those thoughts wherever they are from anger, frustration and annoyance to Love, Gratitude and Healthy Integration, Wholeness.

How well can you love? Your employer? The bank? All financial Institions? BP? The IRS? Where are you harboring anger, resentment or a grudge? It is time to release those, to bathe these institutions in your Light and Love. To honor them for what they have done which is beneficial so far, and Shine the Light of a Thousand Suns into them to perfect them and their processes. This is the great unveiling. Now is the time. Stand in the Light, Shine your Light in All Ways, always.

How well can you love? Is there someone it is time to forgive? Who, living or not, would benefit from the Light and Grace of Love and Forgiveness? Can you be the Agent of Love and release them from the grief of misdeeds? Does this mean you reconnect with someone who did you wrong? Not necessarily, your heart knows. Trust this. Either way, you can allow the flow of forgiveness in your heart, to release the toxicity of resentment, anger, hate, even as you proceed with caution with some, or remain distant from others.

How well can you love? That is the question. For you are far more powerful than you know. Refine this process, and refine again. You are making a difference in a million ways you are not aware of for every one way that you are aware. Keep up the good work. Tap into your Heart, Shine your Light! Spread your Love. Come together. Do it again. Be vigilant. Search your heart for those areas which you are ready to release which no longer serve you. Ask for assistance, in whatever way you know how.

Then and ask yourself:

How well can you love?

Sending you Love and Blessings, for today and always in All Ways, in Gratitude.

"How well can you love?" This question was posed by my teacher, mentor and friend Ellen Kaufman Dosick on her recent appearance on John Stewart's, The Daily Show as an expert on Indigo Children. She and her husband Rabbi Wayne Dosick are some of the most knowledgeable Indigo experts on the planet today. What a special honor to have Ellen appear on The Daily show. It says so much about how we are doing, where we are heading and how quickly it is all happening. WooHoo!