Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sparkly Showers of Gratitude

It has been some time since I last wrote. I think it is time to begin blogging again!

These are the Holy Days, and even though much of the hustle and bustle is waning, we are still in a magical time of our Holiest time of the year. No matter what your traditions are or religious beliefs, these are Holy Days. As we gather together with loved ones, and bring love and light to the shortest, darkest days of the year, we finish up one year and head into the next, we are setting the tone for the days and months to come. I can't think of a better way to prime the pump, than with sparkling showers of gratitude, abundance, love and joy!

This is my new vision for my gratitude prayers... I came by it honestly. Let me tell you the story of my Christmas Eve wink and nudge from Spirit!

We had the whole family over for a Christmas Eve feast!  We served champagne and sparkling cider.  Karl opened the first bottle, no problem.  He then proceeded to (against my wishes, and my sister's in law's suggestions - yes, both sister's in law) lay the opened champagne bottle on it's side in the fridge, with a replacement cork.  A few minutes later, we are about to eat, and my fridge is oddly leaking., it couldn't be...Karl wouldn't...noooooo. I asked him not to, so he would listen to me, and Val, and Linda...right?   Oh, no, he did not!  Champagne Showers all over the inside of the fridge!  Wow!  So I am trying to clean up, everyone is coming in and saying, "How did that happen? I told Karl not to do that" or "I heard so and so tell Karl not to do that".  Well...all of this did wonders for Karl's mood, as you can imagine.   He was so annoyed with himself, and with me for cleaning it all up then.  Meanwhile my brother went home, next door to get more champagne, when he gets here and opens it in the bar area, it showers all over him.  Really?!  Yes, Really!  About five minutes later, we are all getting ready to eat, everyone is at the table and I opened up a sparkling cider, sitting on the counter untouched for two days and whoosh, it showers me!!!  By now, I get the hint, and as I sit at the table and begin our blessing, I tell everyone about the three "sparkly showers" and remind everyone we are there to celebrate!  We are showered with blessings and love!  Enjoy ourselves and remember why we are all together joined together to celebrate and share The Love and joy with gratitude.  After dinner, and the dishes, we were headed out to play our Christmas gift game, and I stop at the kitchen sink to get myself a glass of water...and the faucet, which has been on about 500 times that day, decides then to shoot water, like a waterfall, all over me. Well I just had to giggle, tighten the faucet grommet and silently give thanks for all our showered blessings, and head into the living room to join everyone else. We are truly showered with joy, abundance, and love.  It was a beautiful night!

I offer you this visualization. It is one I will be using with my prayers of gratitude... a surprise shower of golden, sparkling joy, abundance and love...see it shooting up and around you as you close your eyes and revel in the gratitude for all the showers of blessings you feel falling on and around you, today and always, in all ways.

Thank you for being in my life. If you are reading this, then you too are one I am truly grateful for.

With Showers of Love and Blessings for you and yours, Kim